7 lunar day

Symbol: Wind rose

Do not tell undue, watch over words' purity.

Words possess a particular power today, what you say might easily come true. One should not lie or chatter to no purpose; it is better to keep silent. It is good to pray, chant and read sacred texts. This is a day to pay attention to books and notes; it is very bad to tear paper. One should not eat chicken or eggs.

Influence on health:

Lungs are vulnerable. It is easy to catch cold. It is not advisable to have teeth pulled.

Nutrition tips on 7 lunar day:

Main products to avoid this day are poultry meat, especially chicken meat and eggs. Eat more fruits – apples, dates, cherry, apricot. Drink wine and herbal tea (black tea is not recommended).

Business on 7 lunar day:

The power of this day makes efficient energy and gives off positive life energy. During the first half of the day you have a chance to finish started projects.

It is recommended to:
- negotiate
- make new contacts
- begin an advertising campaign
- have an interview or meeting
- use eloquence to persuade partners, investors or sponsors. If you are the boss:
- vocalize gratitude to your employees to increase their productivity
- be mindful of the words you choose during your dialogues. If you are a businessman:
- support and sponsor the creative work of writers, poets, artists, actors, etc.

It is not recommended to:
- express anxiety and doubt
- overdo it with your persuasiveness, it may destroy business relations.

Housework on 7 lunar day:

The seventh lunar day is good because it allows you to finish the projects you have already started; if you didn't finish something yesterday today you have a chance to catch up. This day should be only used for projects that you know will accomplish quickly. Better to avoid longer projects. On this lunar day it is important to mind what you say and what sound sound vibrations you fill your house with. Its suggestible to say prayers for the protection of your house, singing mantras for it or simply playing songs or chants in the background. You may fill the home with nature sounds, bells or tibetan bowls as well. It is a bad idea to turn on loud music which brings distracting vibrations. Today not only are the words you speak in your home important, but so are your thoughts. This day is fit for working with earth and water, therefore ceramics are especially favorable today. Some schools of astrology also suggest not to do anything destructive today. All energy which humans receive during this period should only be used for creative purposes, for example, the realization of plans or ideas. It will be advantageous to bring into your home any kind of protective talisman with a spoken blessing.

Relationships on 7 lunar day:

For creative persons this day is ideal to constitute a family.
Rigorous companionship should be a basis of relations. Partners will help each other in creative work, follow the same ideals and aspiration.
If you plan the wedding ceremony this day try to organize it unusual way and to invite as much creative persons as you can.
Pay special attention to the words. Anything you say can become real. Do not provoke partner to unnecessary words. Speaking about love is the best topic for discussion.

Stones and minerals:

Sapphire, heliotrope, coral.

Meditation on 7 lunar day:

Breathing exercises, being mindful of words.

It's better to speak as little as possible today, say only the important things, do not chatter. Be careful with your choice of words and intonation. On this day one's words may be easily fulfilled; so choose affirmation, prayer or mantra to work with. Training: Tuning into self-affirmation. Choose the right place and time for effective work with your mantra, prayer or self-affirmation. Sit in a calm and peaceful place, close your eyes and gradually slow your breath. As your breath becomes deeper, the body relaxes and the mind clears. Imagine yourself in outer space, flying without boundaries in the emptiness. The body melts away. As you achieve lightness, feel Eternal Love and start to give yourself positive reinforcement. For example: "I'm healthy, wealthy and happy. Everyone loves me and I love everyone. I can achieve the purpose in view". To double the effect, all mantras, prayers or affirmations should be pronounced aloud. Mantras of prosperity are especially favorable on this day (for example, mantra devoted to Lakshmi).
During the 7th lunar day the Vishuddha chakra is active.

The dreams on 7 lunar day:

Dreams today may yield useful information, or even be prophetic. The dreams may come true, but not soon. These dreams could hint at your life's purpose; usually they are easily understandable and clearly show your situation, tasks and goals. Pay special attention to the words you hear in your dream, today our subconscious communicates with us through the word. During 7th lunar day it's favourable to write down all of the specific words you heard in the dream, pay extra attention to those you heard from others, it may bring you insight. You might receive a revelation from the Highest Powers, maybe the Highest Image will come and call you to action with its words. If you see a gamecock be attentive to life situations. If you had a bad dream, retell it to some kind of running water and let it wash away the bad energy.

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