19 lunar day

Symbol: Spider

Cleaning of soul and conscience. Someone else's thoughts must go away.

The Spider is weaving its net. Be cautious with new ideas today. One must not pay debts, borrow or enter into contract. Cleansing fire rituals are advisable for both yourself and your home. Repent, pray, think over your actions. Get rid of things that are useless.

Influence on health:

The appendix and sigmoid colon are active. It is advisable to clean stomach, intestines and rectum.

Nutrition tips on 19 lunar day:

Keep diet and take delicate food. Any overload may lead to harmful consequences. The best food for this day is pomegranate, round vegetables, cabbage and potato. Avoid long vegetables like carrot, marrow, cucumber, eggplant, etc.

Business on 19 lunar day:

This day is hard, but it is considered as neutral for work. The first half of the day is rather favorable. During this time you may receive protection from people above you or expect a sponsor's support.

It is recommended to:
- be careful with words you say and actions you perform; it is very easy to provoke a conflict today
- spend the day calmly but not alone
- carefully check all information
- resign from your work, if you previously decided to do that
- cancel important projects
- discuss current situations and projects
- request a raise in salary or position during the first half of the day
- avoid self
- perform spring
-cleaning of all facilities
- perform reorganization and replace old equipment
- clean the workspace of unnecessary things. For bosses:
- point employee's attention toward problems in development, use only constructive criticism and search for salvation all together
- develop strategies to improve the overall working process. For employees:
- make contacts with authority only if necessary
- maintain neutrality with colleagues.

It is not recommended to:
- be active and self
-assertive during the second half of the day
- carry out business
- plan meetings
- sign contracts
- work with finances
- give too much attention to news
- be boastful about money
- search for a new job
- perform innovations
- accept proposals
- act without thinking
- give into provocation or provoke others
- interact with intoxicated individual
- make contact with strangers.

Housework on 19 lunar day:

On this lunar day you may start any type of "spring" cleaning projects or throw away thing that you no longer need. It is good to clean in the corners that you most often disregard and despise cleaning. This deep cleaning will renew the energy of your house and let new vibrations enter the living space. It is favorable to keep a lit candle in the house on this day. On the 19th lunar day, however, it is very important not to overload yourself physically and energetically. If you feel any fatigue doing any difficult jobs take plenty of breaks or simply delay them. Create art. You may do any handicrafts for your house or improve your interior decoration somehow

Relationships on 19 lunar day:

It is not favorable to constitute a family and perform marriage ceremony this day.
It is also unfavorable day for divorces.
Unearthly hour for romantic rendezvous. A high probability of seriously falling aboard with your partner.
By no means try to avoid dispute or gripe session.

Stones and minerals:

Labradorite, morion, bloodstone, chrysolite, green granite.

Meditation on 19 lunar day:

Fire, waterfall, pure water.

This day is favorable for purification procedures. Better to start with cleaning your living space; use incense, aroma lamps, candles, etc. Next perform your aura cleansing. Take a shower or salt bath using the following affirmation: "Water is cleaning all of my bodies: physical, energy, astral and mental. All the dirt has been washed away and transformed into pure energy, which is necessary for me to live harmoniously". Once your house and body are prepared, proceed to the inner meditation, it will help to clear your mind and feelings. Choose any fitting practice, which you are familiar with.
During the 19th lunar day navel is active.

The dreams on 19 lunar day:

This is a difficult lunar day and dreams might be unpleasant. Therefore, if you had a nightmare, say any prayer upon waking or simply say 'Where the night goes, a dream follows' and visualize the dream fading into the darkness. It is better not to try and interpret the dream yourself today; if you need, turn to professionals, because the dream can not be interpreted in any literal sense but conceals deep psychological problems within the subconscious.

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