Uranus is Higher Wisdom

Uranus symbolises secret knowledge and supreme wisdom.

It defines everything brand-new and advanced, its energy supports scientific research.

It’s freedom from dogmas and stereotypes, it opens the way to the unknown.

Uranus in Astronomy

Uranus belongs to the ice giants of our solar system.

Uranus is located between Saturn and Neptune, it is the 7th planet from the Sun.

It’s the third largest planet in the solar system after Jupiter and Saturn.

This is the coldest planet in the solar system, the temperature of the cloud layer of the atmosphere reaches -224°C (-371.2°F).

Uranus has a system of rings and 27 moons. The rings consist of very dark particles and are faint.

An interesting feature of Uranus is that it rotates around the Sun as if lying on its side: the tilt of its axis is close to the horizontal line. It means that Uranus is kind of perpendicular to all the other planets of the solar system.

The period of Uranus’ revolution around the Sun is 84 years. The rotation of Uranus around its axis is approximately 17 hours.

Uranus in Mythology

Uranus is the Greek god and personification of the sky.

He belongs to the first generation of the Greek gods, from the pre-Olympus period. His wife is named Gaia, the goddess of the Earth.

And his son was the god Kronos, who in Roman mythology corresponds to Saturn, the lord of time.

Thus, the boundless Sky gives birth to Time and creates restrictions by this.

Uranus in Astrology

In astrology, Uranus reflects our higher mentality. It’s responsible for higher knowledge and secret wisdom. It’s connected with intuition.

The goddess Urania is the patroness of Astrology.

Uranus is an innovator and revolutionary planet. There are no boundaries for it.

This is boundlessness and freedom, which are personified by the sky.

It expands our horizons and gives us the need for freedom.

Uranus gives us new ideas and thoughts. It helps in research and inventions.

It gives sudden understanding and brings insights. Thanks to it, a guess, original idea, or unexpected understanding dawn on us.

At the same time, Uranus destroys stereotypes and old attitudes. It always guides us to the New and Unknown.

Uranus symbolises strong changes, revolutionary changes in any sphere, and the replacement of the old with the new.

Uranus can endow a person with genius, originality, and a desire for secret knowledge.

The element associated with Uranus is Air.