Lunar calendar of dreams - for today, tomorrow and week

April 19, 2024 Friday
11 lunar day
Symbol: Kundalini
Dreams this lunar day typically show how harmoniously we are moving in the material and spiritual worlds. The images that you see will quite clearly illustrate your situation at this point in time. If your dream is good and you play a positive role, it means that your development is going in the right direction; if you play the role, where someone hurts you or you hurt someone else, then you're doing somewhere wrong in your real life or your spiritual world might be in tatters. Good dreams today promise happiness, might carry useful information and usually come true; some say they come true in three days. Sometimes on this lunar day you can't remember your dreams, in this case life is giving you a chance to just relax, because this day itself is difficult and very charged.

April 20, 2024 Saturday
12 lunar day
Symbol: Heart
Dreams on the 12th lunar day may show which values you give more importance to in everyday life. If in a dream you see something material you value, then your spiritual life is being infringed upon and the materialistic aspects prevail. If you see mainly spiritual images, then your material world is slighted, you're daydreaming too much and you have no balance between material and spiritual in your life and you need to make an effort to create this balance. If you belong to the category of people who are considered spiritual, you might have a revelation today or dreams could be merely empty. Pay attention to bright dreams, they can be prophetic. A good dream, if well remembered, may come true in seven days.
April 21, 2024 Sunday
13 lunar day
Symbol: Wheel
The energy of this lunar day shows, if you are spinning in a circle, shooting yourself in the foot, or if something is changing and you are moving up the spiral staircase. Dreams hold the key to the door, which hides things we don't want to change or are difficult to overcome. In today's dreams Life itself is knocking at your door, trying to lead you in the direction of change. It is very important not to ignore these hints but to follow them, in order to save some energy for future efforts. To properly analyze your dreams do not forget to record them immediately upon waking. Dreams today might be warnings; they could come true fairly soon, some say in eight days.
April 22, 2024 Monday
14 lunar day
Symbol: Two pipes
Dreams this lunar day are not significant, but they may show hidden abilities which should be developed and this is the only reason why they deserve your consideration. Typically, these dreams don't come true; so, if you woke up with any sad or unpleasant memories, don't fret.

April 23, 2024 Tuesday
15 lunar day
Symbol: Fiery serpent
Dreams this lunar day might have a very different character, everything will depend on your current state. If you had a bright, good dream it may come true, but only if you keep it a secret. If your dream was heavy it means your current state is imbalanced, take care of yourself. Light or dark - you may use this information to determine what energy is dominant in your subconscious now. Dreams today might be prophetic and provide information about the next lunar month.
April 24, 2024 Wednesday
16 lunar day
Symbol: Butterfly
Usually dreams this day either indicate that you are very tensed or help to relieve stress. If the dream helped you to determine the degree of your tension then try and find suitable ways to relax in reality. For example, you may use shavasana, relaxing oil massage or sauna. The dreams you had might range anywhere between harmonious and chaotic. Do not try to interpret them; the main task of these dreams is to purify you and bring your system back into balance. If you had a nightmare it means that your subconscious is cleansing itself of negative energy. These dreams are powerful enough that within 24 hours they can cure illness in a sick person or relieve a healthy person from their tension; dreams this lunar day may also calm you down and help you to find a balance in life. You may find today, that dreams provide information for your future spiritual evolution, you may even communicate with your Guardian Angel. In order to properly utilize the full potential of today's energy you must prepare yourself in advance using the balance you've created in your behaviour over the past 16 lunar days. Only this way will you receive the most healing from these dreams.
April 25, 2024 Thursday
17 lunar day
Symbol: Shakti
The 17th lunar day is associated with all female energy including its sexual aspect. Therefore your dreams reflect the harmony of your realized sexual energy. Dreams may show to what degree your sexuality is being suppressed. Please, understand that we're not talking about sexual fantasies but about the ability to creatively realize your sexuality through communication with the opposite sex. So if you managed to determine the level of sexual tension, try to find a creative application for this energy. If dream were pleasant then chances are your energies are doing well, if unpleasant then pay more attention to these aspects. Dreams of this lunar day may fortell success or otherwise come true in three days.
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