Mental body Cleansing

Breathing practices to clear your mind

The first practice

To be done in the standing position. Inhale, fill the lungs with air, stretch up and immediately exhale with full relaxation of the upper half of the body. Exhale noisily and tilt forward, producing a “HA” sound while exhaling. Repeat several times until you get rid of the bothering thoughts and your mood improves.

The mental body is connected to the physical body through breathing. A person thinks only when he breathes. When breathing is interrupted, a person stops the thinking process.

The second practice

To be done while lying down and being relaxed. Observe your breathing: how the air passes through your nose and larynx, fills the lungs, expands your chest, how the chest falls when exhaling, etc. Just focus on that natural process that we usually don’t even notice.

Quietly inhale and fully exhale, holding your breath on the exhale. While holding your breath, observe your body and notice how your chest keeps rising and falling, although you are not breathing. You can observe this process with interest and say to yourself: “I don’t want to breathe, it feels good”.

You need to hold your breath in a safe and comfortable manner (not until suffocation) – this is about 15-30 seconds. During this time, the chest will rise and fall 2-3 times. You need to take a slow, quiet breath.

After each exercise, you need to balance your breathing. To do this, inhale and exhale several times, and then repeat this exercise. The exercise can be done up to 3 times, it is very powerful.

Such breathing can be used when it is difficult to fall asleep – it cleanses and calms our thoughts well.

The Jug Meditation Practice: the cleansing mental body of negativity

Stand comfortably with your feet shoulder-width apart. The hands should touch each other with the tips of the outstretched fingers at the level of the abdomen. Fingertip to the corresponding fingertip – thumb to thumb, index to index, and so on (during this meditation, certain energies are circulating inside the body, and the fingertips close this loop; in addition, the receptors located on the fingertips are stimulated, which has a beneficial, calming effect on the brain).

Next, you need to relax, remove all thoughts and focus only on breathing normally.

When all limbs are in a state of full relaxation and a sense of inner peace is achieved, a person begins to imagine himself as a jug. The upper part of his head is cut off, like a jug. The soul is the source of water. This water fills the whole body and, eventually, overflows it, pours over the edge of the jug, flows down the body and goes into the ground. While water is filling the body and flowing into the ground, all the bad thoughts, all the problems, all the filth and anxiety in a person’s mind flow out with it. Metaphorically speaking, a person is internally cleansed of all this.

And when a person is cleansed, he begins to feel a distinct separation of his thoughts and his soul, which is observing the process.

If practising this meditation daily, a person will cleanse his thoughts of negativity and learn to control them and will be able to constantly keep his mind “clean”.

In the end, sharply and deeply inhale and exhale. Do it twice. Sharply clench and unclench your fists. Open your eyes and step out into reality.

The Sphere of Purity

Get ready for meditation. Relax your body and mind, let go of all thoughts and feelings, and focus on breathing.

Feel your body and its contours. Visualise a sphere around you. Imagine how a stream of silvery-blue colour descends on you from above. It sparkles with rainbow highlights. You see how it begins to fill the sphere that surrounds you, and the sphere becomes fully flooded with this light. If you can’t see the light everywhere, pay more attention to this area, obviously, there is a problem there.

When the whole sphere is flooded with light, it’s time to work with the body. Start filling it with this stream from the top of your head. See how this flow squeezes out dark areas from your body, the dark gets into the sphere and dissolves there. As the light goes through your body, there are fewer and fewer dark areas left in it, and you feel clean both inside and out.

Next, imagine how the sphere around you begins to grow, it fills the entire room. If there are still dark corners in the room, they dissolve in the light.

The sphere keeps growing. Now it is as big as your entire house. The sphere purifies it, your entire city, the country, the planet. In this way, you cleanse both the space inside you and everything around you, and this brings harmony and grace into your life.