Proper hair care

1) In the Summer it is necessary to protect your hair from the Sun, especially just after the sea. The bleached hair looks good, but it quickly become brittle and dull. If you want to get the effect of bleached hair, it is best to make it in the days of Leo and Virgo.

2) Do not use too hot hair drier and do not wash your hair with hot water. Rinse your hair cool water after washing.

3) Carefully brush your hair in the morning and in the evening for a few minutes. It is good to make the massage of a head, when you washing the head.

4) Eat right.

5) Be balanced. Any stress harms the immune system and affects the appearance of hair. In order to endure the difficult situation use the vitamins.

6) It is important to choose the proper time to visit the hairdressing. You can use the lunar calendar of haircut on this site.

7) To nourish the hair must on the waxing moon, as a skin the hair need it. Use more natural remedies for your hair.

8) After an active labour or physical exercises wash your hair. Through the hair and the skin a release of the body occurs.

Stick to these rules and your hair will be beautiful and healthy !