Full Moon healing and rejuvenation rituals

Full Moon healing ritual

On Full Moon, certain rituals with the Moon are performed. It’s time when you can enter the stream and get rid of many diseases. The ritual is performed on the 16th lunar day immediately after the Moon rises but after the Full Moon. When the Moon rises, it’s important to see it in the open. Stand with your back to the Moon, spread your legs wide apart, bend down and look at the Moon while standing in this position.

Look at the Moon and tell it: “Mother Moon, take everything that I don’t need (salt, tumour, etc.) with you”. Say it three times without taking your eyes off the Moon. This is very effective. For the first three days, you will feel as if something is being pulled out of you.

Seeing the full Moon is great happiness. You can ask the Moon while standing straight but it will be less effective because the energy is turned upside down when you’re waist bent, and we reverse it this way. It would be very good if you can perform this ritual for three months in a row. It is quite difficult to see the Moon from this position, it is necessary to be on a hill or on a flat of a large open space.

If you have a specific body part that hurts, then you need to stand in an inclined position, look at the Moon, take a bit of earth from under your left heel, using the hand that is opposite from the area that hurts (in this case, with your right hand), and circle it clockwise around this area three times. Then you throw this earth over your left shoulder and spit three times over it. You need to do this once but make sure that no one disturbs or interrupts you.

If the problem area is on the right side, then take a bit of earth with your left hand. All this time you stand with your back to the Moon and look at it upside down. It definitely looks ridiculous. But many nations have similar practises. The New Moon is for increasing something, the Full Moon – for getting rid of unnecessary. Your request to Mother Moon should end with the words: “Let it all go away (or grow) with you”. We wish you good health!

Full Moon practice for rejuvenation

On the 14th, 15th and 16th lunar days, the Moon has already gained its full strength, and the energy of its rays fully permeates the water. At this time, the cool light of the Moon brings peace and tranquillity, fullness to the whole world. This is a time of wholeness and harmony, everything comes into balance.

For some people, this is the most favourable time, the time when you can get a moon tan and take moon baths. During this period, the Moon provides a rejuvenating, smoothing effect for our bodies.

It is very good if you have access to open water reservoirs during this period. Then just go there and bathe in the moonlight path, grasping all the goodness of this moment. While bathing, imagine your cells renewing, wrinkles smoothing out, and the body rejuvenating.

If you live in the urban area, then fill a jug with water and put it on the windowsill or take it outside so that the Moon is reflected in the water. Let the water soak up the power of the Moon for a while. Fill a bathtub with cool water and pour the water from a jug into it. In a calm and meditative state, take a bath before going to bed. Feel all the cells of your body rejuvenating, feel the skin filling with radiance and shine, experience how your body acquires energy similar to the freshness of an early spring morning.