Scorpio is 8th Sign of Zodiac

The energy of the Sign of Scorpio

Scorpio has a rather complex energy.

It can be negatively perceived and cause deep subconscious reactions.

This energy brings people trials and challenges. It carries symbolic death and rebirth.

At the same time, Scorpio has some sort of mystical might and emanates power, which can be called otherworldly.

The energy of Scorpio is associated with the qualities of a true Warrior – perfection, detachment, and fearlessness.

It helps us to let go of everything old and unnecessary, be cleansed and transformed, and reach a new level.

The esoteric meaning of the sign of Scorpio

The esoteric meaning of the Sign of Scorpio is challenges, purification, and transformation.

Scorpio destroys and takes away everything unnecessary, artificial, and undeserved, leaving only the true and authentic.

This is why death is closely associated with the Sign of Scorpio, and it is mostly a symbolic death. It is no coincidence that one of the ruling planets of Scorpio is Pluto, the lord of the underworld.

At the initial level of development, the energy of Scorpio can be perceived as destructive, but it eventually leads to transformation and transition to a new level.

Scorpio promotes purification on three levels: (1) physical purification from the excess matter, (2) astral purification of feelings and desires, and (3) mental purification of thoughts and getting rid of feelings of self-importance.

If a person can deal with the energy of Scorpio and learns its lessons well, then he becomes free from the temptations of material possessions and his subconscious accumulations. In this case, he can move on and set an example for other people.

How energy of Scorpio manifests in life

The energy of Scorpio can manifest via sudden challenges, a threat to life or health, serious crises, the appearance of deep subconscious problems, and a deep transformation of personality.

All life-and-death situations are controlled by Scorpio.

Also, Scorpio’s energy can manifest at a small (domestic) level via excessive irritability, aggression, sexual intemperance, cruelty, and sarcasm.

Purification and transforming works happen under the Sign of Scorpio. This can also include cleaning the house or business transformation.

It is also a deep work with the subconscious and its attachments and mystical and occult happenings.

Psychological portrait of a Scorpio representative

A Scorpio deeply experiences their feelings. Much deeper and stronger than the representative of any other Sign.

This is why they tend to act on their feelings and emotions.

However, a Scorpio has a strong will, endurance, and capacity for survival. They usually radiate strength, magnetism, and influence.

They may have some sort of mystical image and a tendency for occultism and secret knowledge.

Scorpio can endow its representatives with cruelty, sarcasm, and a tendency to dominate and rule others.

They can hold on to pain and resentment for a long time. They deeply hide these feelings and show them only at the right moment when they hit their enemy.

An enlightened Scorpio can help other people in difficult situations because he himself has dealt with all the challenges and emerged victorious.

The main properties of the Sign of Scorpio

Element: Water

Ruling planet: Pluto, Mars

Zodiacal Cross: Fixed

Related body parts: reproductive organs, intestines

Scorpio is the eighth Zodiac Sign.