Taurus is 2nd Sign of Zodiac

The energy of the sign of Taurus

The sign of Taurus has a powerful and confident energy.

It gives a sense of stability and constancy.

Perseverance and regularity of its quality.

It is a little slow but gives the ability to go to the end without bending and not losing its way.

The energy of Taurus helps to plan the steps to achieve one’s goal and then gives a person the strength to accomplish the plan.

Taurus channels vigour and physical health. It gives endurance and strength.

This Sign is energetically connected with nutrition, caring, and domesticity. It radiates good nature and patience.

The esoteric meaning of the sign of Taurus

Esoterically, the Sign of Taurus is associated with desires.

Desires are the basis of our motives and actions.

At a low level, these are material desires and animal urges.

At a high level, this is a spiritual striving.

The energy of Taurus is associated with recognising one’s desires, realising them, and in the end, transforming desire into aspirations.

The sign and energy of Taurus are closely related to the teachings of the Buddha. On the Full Moon in Taurus, the Buddhists celebrate the sacred holiday Vesak.

How energy of Taurus manifests in life

In our life, Taurus manifests in situations when we are moving toward fulfilling our desires.

This means taking care of oneself and one’s financial well-being.

It is a search for satisfaction in the sensual sphere.

These are goal-setting and planning processes.

Also, Taurus is associated with the processes of cultivation, fertility, and home improvement.

Psychological portrait of a Taurus representative

Taurus is a stable, steady, stubborn, and unhurried sign. And its representatives also have all these qualities.

Taurus people prefer earthly goods and pleasures, they like good food and clothes, a cosy home, and an organised life.

They always choose quality. And they get pleasure from their own efforts, which they put into achieving their goal.

Representatives of this sign stand out because of their inner strength, constancy, and consistency. It is quite difficult to make them lose their way. They always get what they want thanks to their perseverance and hard work.

Taurus people have a passion for collecting something: starting from beautiful empty jars and ending with money. They can provide the whole family with preserved food for years. But they try to keep what they have collected and it is very difficult for them to part with their “riches”.

Despite their mildness in communication, they may sometimes lack flexibility. They can persistently stand their ground, even when they realise that they are wrong.

The main properties of the Sign of Taurus

Element: Earth

Ruling planet: Venus

Zodiacal Cross: Fixed

Related body parts: neck, thyroid gland

Taurus is the second Zodiac Sign