Meditation for working with Precious stones and Minerals

Selection of mineral for working

If you have never worked with stones before, it is better to choose any stone (relying on instincts) without getting acquainted with its symbolic meaning.

When you get the stone, put it under running water to wash off the old energy. Tune in to it, feel that a stone is a mineral that has lived in the bowels of the Earth for a long time, that it is much older and wiser than you, that it has indomitable strength and intent and carries certain traits that manifest themselves in nature and the Earth, and that many people have these traits at varying extent, and now you’re holding a part of this knowledge and some information structure that can help you strengthen or acquire the traits contained in this element in your hands. Judging from your own perspective, try to determine what traits it contains. Feel what energy you get from it, how it fills you with joy, gives you a surge of strength, strengthens your inner core or brings serenity, or maybe vice versa.

If the energy of the stone matches up to yours, then keep it for further work, if not – put it aside for a while or give it to someone.

Someone who has been familiar with stones for a long time and understands their symbolic meanings should just choose the stone that can help him with self-improvement now.

Process of meditation

When the stone is chosen, prepare a space for meditation. Get in a meditative position, take a stone in your hands, tune in to a positive interaction with it, tune in to it, listen to it, focus on your feelings. Begin to immerse yourself in the centre of the stone, in its meaning, in the traits that it contains. Merge with these meanings, with its energy, feel the sanctity, inflexibility of these meanings. See how the information that is contained in the stone begins to appear in your aura, in your mind and penetrates into your life, intensifying and thickening.

For example, if you have chosen amethyst and its spiritual aspect, then visualise how the radiance from the stone fills your palms and hands with spiritual energy and goes through your body, captures the aura and strengthens your electromagnetic field. If you have chosen the amethyst and its protection aspect, then imagine how its field builds a protecting field around you. Thus, by choosing a stone, you can also choose its aspect that you want to strengthen in your field, in your life right now.

When you finish your work with the stone, put it in a specially prepared casket or a bag with love and care. You can wear it around your neck or work with it in the evenings for 9, 18, 21 days to enhance the effect.

The symbolic meaning of some gemstones

Crystal – purification, protection, wisdom

Rose Quartz – love, female attractiveness and tenderness

Ruby – passion and willpower, leadership

Amethyst – spirituality, protection

Citrine – money (for those who work with their hands)

Chrysoprase – wealth, success in business for businessmen

Amazonite – female attractiveness and protection from jinxing and evil eye

Carnelian – success and well-being, protection

Sardonyx – a happy marriage

Blue lace agate – femininity and slimness

Obsidian – weight loss and cleansing, metabolism improvement

Blue topaz, red tourmaline – creativity

Sapphire – the strength of spirit, clarity of thinking, the power of the Grey Cardinal

Pink calcite – make it easier to part with an ex-love and help find a new one

Blue calcite – mind expansion, helps look at everything from above

Malachite – amity and harmony at home

Emerald – achievement of any goal

Black Eye agate – protection