Zodiac Signs in Astrology

Zodiac signs stand for 12 main types of cosmic energy.

Together, these 12 Signs create an astrological mandala, which symbolically represents the fullness of the universe.

In astrology, 12 Signs are the dial of an astrological clock, and the planets are its hands.


The planets focus the energy of the Sign they are in at that moment and channel this energy into our lives.

In its physical meaning, the Zodiac sign is a section of the celestial sphere, which the Sun and planets pass. It is associated with the corresponding constellation.


The energy of each Sign has its own multilevel meaning and significance in the astrological mandala of the Zodiac Signs.


Any process in our lives can be explained according to the Signs of the Zodiac, starting from initiation and ending with completion.

Also, any complex form or system consists of the energies of all 12 Zodiac Signs, shown by varying degrees and in different ways.

And of course, each person has a unique combination of the energies of the Zodiac Signs, and especially the emphasised Signs in which the Sun, Moon, and other planets are located at the time of his birth.


Each Zodiac Sign is associated with one of the four Elements – Earth, Water, Fire, or Air.

Also, Zodiac Signs can be divided depending on one of the Crosses – Mutable, Fixed, or Cardinal.

Thus, the whole Zodiac wheel is associated with four Elements and three Crosses.