Meditation practices for Concentration

The Candle Meditation

For this meditation, you need to position the candle so that its flame is at eye level.

Get in the right position for meditation and start watching the flame. For starters, ask the flame to cleanse you of worries and resentments. Let it burn all unnecessary negative energy.

Once you are cleansed, start concentrating: focus your attention on the tip of the flame. Sit like this for 10 minutes. Then close your eyes with the palms of your hands without closing your eyelids, sit like this for a while, and as soon as you feel that you can close your eyes effortlessly, close them. Sit like this for a while and slowly open your eyes.

The best time for this meditation is the evening, before going to bed.

Single-Pointed Focus

Take an A4 piece of paper, draw a small black point in the middle of it, and hang the sheet on the wall.

Sit down in front of the sheet and start focusing on this point. Keep concentrating until your attention is distracted from the point.

When you finish focusing, close your eyes with the palms of your hands without closing your eyelids and sit like this for a while. Then slowly close your eyelids and gradually lower your hands.

Sit with your eyes closed for a while, then open them.

Breath Awareness Practice

Get in a comfortable position for meditation – you can simply sit on a chair. Close your eyes and start focusing on your breathing.

At first, just focus on the way you inhale and exhale. If your attention is distracted by something else, gently bring it back to breathing.

When you spend enough time observing your breathing, start noticing some details – where the air touches your body, how it goes into the chest, into the abdomen, etc.

Keep observing your breathing for 10-30 minutes. Then you can gently stop the exercise.

Focus On Symbols

Since concentration is the main practice of the 22nd lunar day, you can choose any symbol, yantra, mandala, or any other image that you like for concentration.