Libra is 7th Sign of Zodiac

The energy of the sign of Libra

Libra has soft air energy, but at the same time, hard and uncompromising vibrations hide inside it.

The energy of Libra has the ability to harmonise various processes and systems.

It stabilises, balances out, and helps to find the midpoint.

Libra is related to art, beauty, harmony, music, mathematics, and science.

Its energy invites diplomacy and the ability to negotiate.

Also, the Sign of Libra represents law and justice.

The esoteric meaning of the sign of Libra

Libra symbolises balance, harmony, and justice.

Despite its diplomacy, the energy of Libra can be very tough and uncompromising because it embodies the Law.

This is the only Zodiac Sign that has an inanimate symbol, which indicates its uncompromising nature.

The energy of Libra can balance and stabilise various pairs of opposites, for example, Spirit and Matter.

An important aspect of Libra is balancing the personal and the general, which is expressed in society by law.

Esoterically, the Sign of Libra carries the highest harmony and unites all the other Zodiac Signs, being the centre of the zodiac circle.

How energy of Libra manifests in life

In our life, the energy of Libra can manifest as the law and its representatives.

Libra governs jurisprudence and everything related to it.

All kinds of partnerships (personal, business, and others) happen under the Sign of Libra.

Development and signing contracts, charters, and regulations.

Balancing and harmonising different areas of our life, budget, and relationships.

Studying music or maths and taking art classes require the energy of Libra.

Psychological portrait of a Libra representative

Libra gives its representatives diplomacy, tact, and a desire for balance.

They have a tendency for peace and harmony and can compromise and negotiate.

They have an interest in art, and mostly, intellectual art.

Libra gives its representatives aesthetics, taste, and love for everything beautiful, subtle, and elegant, making them graceful and charming.

However, it can give indecision and a tendency to hesitate.

Libra representatives often have a deep sense of justice.

The main properties of the Sign of Libra

Element: Air

Ruling planet: Venus

Zodiacal Cross: Cardinal

Related body parts: kidneys, lower back, buttocks

Libra is the seventh Zodiac Sign