Planetary hours - what is it

What are planetary hours and why should we know about them

Since antiquity there has been a time of the day determined to every planet.

The specific time when a certain planet has an influence is called the planetary hour.

The planetary hour differs from the 60 minute hour we are used to, and it’s length depends on the time of year and personal location.

If we divide all the time from sunrise to sunset into 12 equal parts, we will have one daytime planetary hour, which is not equal to 60 minutes. If we do the same with the time from sunset to sunrise, we’ll get a nighttime planetary hour.

The planetary hour is equal to 60 minutes only twice a year: on the autumnal and spring Equinoxes. Throughout the rest of the year planetary hours are different, according to the time of year.

Over the summer daytime planetary hours are longer and nighttime planetary hours are shorter, oppositely, at winter daytime planetary hours are shorter and nighttime hours are longer.

Accordance planetary hours to planets

Planetary hours are controlled by the 7 visible planets of the Solar system which create the so called Magician’s Star; this is a sequence of planets arranged in a seven pointed star.

Planets are placed in the Magician’s Star in a certain order, which is called the Chaldaical order.

In the Chaldaical order planets are arranged in the following sequence: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon.

In this sequence the planets are placed in order according to their average speed of visible motion relative to the other stars in the sky; in order from slowest to fastest. This order doesn’t change.

Each planet controls the hour, which belongs to it accordingly.

Every planet has its own individual characteristics and energy, which clearly show themselves during the associated hour.

Considering spheres of planetary influence, particular matters, which are implemented on certain planetary hours come out for better or for worse.

Choose a favorable time for making your plans, while considering the planet hours, and you will stay successful and happy !

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