Planetary hour of Venus

Description of Venus

Venus is the patroness of art, beauty and harmony. This is the planet of creativity. Venus is responsible for values, money, relationships and marriage. It gives us an ability to see beauty.

These are good to keep in mind during the planetary hour of Venus:

- The hour of Venus is favorable for the beginning of any business, especially related to creativity and aesthetics.
- During this time it's good to interact with representatives of professions related to beauty.
- If you want to look great, dedicate this hour for visiting your hairdresser, makeup artist or stylist. A visit to a beauty salon is a celebration of the Venus hour.
- The planetary hour of Venus is a fashion time.
- It's good for designers and people of art to start implementing their projects at the time of Venus.
- This time is favorable for picking out interior decor.
- During the time of Venus a person has a wonderful opportunity to present itself in the best way, both at a business meeting or at a romantic date.
- The hour of Venus is connected to harmony and diplomacy, this is a time when understanding between people grows.
- Use this time to visit a psychologist, consultant or for taking exams.
- This time is favorable for reassessing values and the shifting of attention.
- This hour is good for courtship, relationships, marriage and for communicating with women.
- The hour of Venus is the hour of love.
- It is also favorable for musical and artistic events.
- The planetary hour of Venus is suitable for social projects.
- This is an advantageous time for hobby or leisure, try to have some fun and joy.
- This is a good time to start any travel over land .
- This is a good hour for leaving someone's house or finishing a visit.
- This is a good time to borrow money or pay a debt.
- If you want to get your money back, remind the borrower about it at the time of Venus, that will make the process of regaining the money way smoother.

These are what you should not do during the planetary hour of Venus:

- Do not engage in routine projects which require methodicality and concentration.
- You should not be wasteful in financial matters.
- It is advisable to avoid all rudeness and unpleasantries at this hour.
- It is undesirable to begin any travel by water.