The Sun is the source of Life

This is our main star.

It’s the source of life and energy.

The Sun represents our Self and self-consciousness.

The Sun in Astronomy

The Sun is the main star of our solar system. It’s one of the stars of our Galaxy and the only star in our solar system.

This is a huge ball of hydrogen-helium plasma and is in a state of equilibrium thanks to its gravity.

According to the spectral classification, the Sun belongs to yellow dwarf stars, although its diameter is much larger than that of the 4 giant planets of our solar system.

The Sun radiates a colossal amount of radiation into outer space, which largely determines the conditions on Earth, other planets, and in interplanetary space.

The Earth receives only one in two-billion solar radiation. However, this is enough to make huge masses of air in the Earth’s atmosphere move and change the weather and climate on the globe. The main sources of energy that humanity uses are linked to the Sun.

The Sun in Mythology

There are many myths and legends about solar deities and heroes.

Thus, Helios means “God of the Sun” in Greek. Later, people identified Helios with Apollo.

In the Vedic tradition, the Sun is Atman, the “I” of the entire universe. This is the deity who lives in the hearts of all living beings as the true Self. The Sun symbolises cosmic consciousness, pure consciousness, and an enlightened Mind.

In Sanskrit, the Sun has many names. Most often it is called Surya, which means “father”, “progenitor”, or “life-giving”. Surya is a source of energy, motivation, and inspiration, like the Greek god of Sun Apollo. Another Sanskrit word for the Sun is Savitar. It has the same meanings but also describes the divine will manifested in creation.

The Sun in Astrology

The Sun is our Self, Ego, and inner and outer light.

This is the Spirit, the Heavenly Father, and the earthly father.

The Sun grants us creative impulse. It gives us the energy to create, live, and rejoice.

It symbolises interest and will to live, reflects inner manhood, and is associated with the ability to make decisions.

It’s the centre of the human personality, which holds all traits of a person and makes him whole and self-conscious.

Self-awareness gives a person the ability to manage both external processes and internal impulses.

The Sun is the most generous of all the planets, giving good and joy to all living creatures. It can warm and cherish everyone.

In astrology, the Sun is associated with self-presentation, leadership qualities, the ability to behave in society, organisational skills, the ability to share one’s riches, generosity, and care.

It gives stability, objectivity, autonomy, self-confidence, and independence. Ability and success, self-esteem, and authority. It controls health and vital energy.

The Sun is also associated with the ability to stand up for oneself and be able to protect another, a weaker person.

The element associated with the Sun is Fire.