Mars is a fearless warrior

Mars is a planet of indomitable strength and determined activity.

It symbolises the impulse to action.

Mars expresses the masculine aspect, embodies the inner or outer man, and the concept of Yang.

Mars in Astronomy

Mars is the fourth planet of the solar system, located right after Earth.

This is a terrestrial planet with a highly rarefied atmosphere. The mass of Mars is only 11% of the mass of the Earth.

Mars has two small moons – Phobos and Deimos.

Mars has a reddish hue because of the high amount of iron oxide. There’s water on Mars, which exists as ice.

The period of Mars’ rotation around its axis is almost the same as that of the Earth – 24 hours 37 minutes. The Martian year lasts 687 Earth days.

Of all the other planets in the solar system, Mars is most similar to Earth and has a similar change of seasons.

The surface temperature is between -46°C (-50.8°F) and -143°C (-225.4°F) in winter and can warm up to -5°C (23°F) in summer.

On Mars, there is an extinct volcano Olympus Mons, which is considered the highest mountain on all the solar system planets.

Mars can be easily observed from Earth with the naked eye.

Mars in Mythology

Mars was the Roman god of war. The symbol of Mars was a spear.

For the Romans, Mars was one of the main gods, a source of strength, and will to win.

He was easily irritable and prone to mood swings.

In Greek mythology, he was known by the name Ares.

In Hindu mythology, the planet Mars is named Mangala. This is also the god of war, a fearless warrior who can lash out at self-assertive and arrogant people and bless those who are humble and obedient.

Mars in Astrology

Mars represents our “inner man” and the male concept of Yang.

Mars is associated with the image of a true warrior – fearless, determined, and free from doubt and fear.

It determines our ability to wilful actions and forceful moves and endows us with aggression, courage, and strength.

Mars personifies a victorious warrior and the strength that we need to implement our desires.

It’s independent, fair, and can protect the weak. It has a strong sense of duty. It’s able to make decisions and take responsibility.

Mars gives you self-confidence, willpower, and energy to achieve your goals.

It’s always truthful and fair and acts decisively. He is impetuous and untameable.

Glory, valour, and honour are some of the qualities that Mars values. He embodies male beauty and passion.

Mars ignites the inner fire and gives us activity and the will to act.

The element associated with Mars is Fire.