Pisces is 12th Sign of Zodiac

The energy of the sign of Pisces

At first glance, the energy of Pisces seems soft, relaxed, and romantic.

It carries creative energy and inspiration.

This is the energy of religiosity, philosophy, and spiritual sacrifice.

Pisces is associated with rest, a pause from activity, and shifting the attention to the inner world.

The energy of Pisces promotes the analysis and awareness of one’s experience. This is the energy of completing the cycle and synthesising the accumulated experience.

It brings liberation from obsolete forms and processes and helps to discard the old in order to transition to a new life stage.

The esoteric meaning of the sign of Pisces

Pisces is the twelfth Zodiac Sign that completes the zodiac wheel.

It symbolises the completion of certain processes and the transition to the next stage.

This is the moment of transition from quantity to quality.

Since the completion of obsolete processes is related to the destruction of the corresponding forms, the energy of Pisces is associated with death.

This is also the energy of rest and festivity after the work is done, just as God ceased from work on the Sabbath after 6 days of world creation.

The deep meaning of Pisces is liberation: the triumph of the Spirit in the material world.

How energy of Pisces manifests in life

In life, the energy of Pisces shows on weekends and holidays.

This is especially true for spending holidays in the religious way – when a person distances from mundane activities and immerses in prayer and pondering on the eternal.

Interest in religion, philosophy, and spiritual search happens under the influence of Pisces.

Sincere prayer and renunciation of worldly goods in the name of spiritual search.

This is solitude, immersion in the inner world, retreats, and life in a monastery.

Also, any closure takes place under the Sign of Pisces, for example, graduation from university, quitting a job, and so on.

Psychological portrait of a Pisces representative

Pisces is a soulful, sensitive, empathic, and intuitive Sign.

Its representatives have deep faith and love and are capable of compassion and empathy.

They can and like to show care and attention to others.

They tend to be religious and often have a philosophical mindset.

They are always subconsciously drawn to the truth and the highest ideal.

However, sometimes they live in a world of fantasies and illusions. They can be shady and impossible to understand.

Also, the representatives of this Sign can be too soft and compliant.

Pisces can have a mystical mindset and psychic abilities.

The main properties of the Sign of Pisces

Element: Water

Ruling planet: Neptune, Jupiter

Zodiacal Cross: Mutable

Related body part: feet

Pisces is the twelfth Zodiac Sign