Saturn is a guardian of Law

Saturn represents the Law and controls time.

This is a very serious planet that controls the implementation of rules and restricts a person, depending on his fate.

Saturn in Astronomy

Saturn belongs to the category of gas giant planets.

It’s the sixth planet from the Sun. Its diameter is slightly smaller than Jupiter’s, so it’s the second-largest giant planet in our solar system.

It’s quite far from the Sun, and the temperature in its atmosphere is quite low -177°C (-286.6°F).

The period of Saturn’s revolution around the Sun is 29.5 years. The planet’s rotation around its axis is approximately 10.5 hours.

Saturn is famous for its amazing ring system. The rings of Saturn are clusters of small particles, large and small pieces of ice, heavy elements, and dust rotating around the planet. Due to their movement, the rings seem solid.

Currently, we know about 82 moons of the planet. Titan is the largest of them.

Saturn in Mythology

Saturn is the Roman name of the Greek god Kronos.

Kronos is the god of Time, one of the ancient pre-Olympic gods, and the son of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaia (Earth).

An important attribute of Kronos is the sickle, which is sometimes depicted as a scythe.

This symbol means that Kronos gathers the harvest and bears the fruits of the past actions.

The sons of Kronos are Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. They ruled three kingdoms: the surface, the underground, and the sea.

In the Hindu texts, Saturn is named Shani. This is the name of the deity who is considered the Lord of Time.

Saturn in Astrology

Saturn teaches us through restrictions. This is the lord of our destiny or karma.

He controls the law of cause and effect and gives us exactly those fruits we deserve, depending on our actions.

That’s why Saturn is sometimes considered a tough or even evil planet. But he just gives us what we deserve, and always justly.

Saturn is the personification of justice, law, and order. This is discipline and self-organisation.

It creates restrictions and boundaries for a person so he doesn’t go beyond what is allowed before he matures.

Saturn shows us the boundaries we shouldn’t cross. He doesn’t give us the opportunity to enter into someone else’s territory.

Saturn is also the lord of Time. It gives the ability to do everything on time and meet deadlines.

An important aspect of Saturn is a specific result in a particular area. It means that Saturn works with specific facts and actions, and their consequences.

Therefore, Saturn is also responsible for the implementation of any ideas, aka specific “fruits”.

Saturn gives us punctuality, responsibility, discipline, patience, and the ability to finish what we started.