Purifying the house

House purifying begins with its cleaning

Open the windows and get started. Tune in to the fact that during the cleaning, you will remove all sorrows, emotions, negative thoughts. When washing the floors or dusting off, imagine all the dirty energy going away with the actual dirt appearing in the water. Don’t forget to check the cleanliness of your windows, as windows are our look at the world.

For a better cleansing effect, pour wormwood infusion into the water that you are going to use for washing the floors.

When the physical space of the room is clean, continue cleansing at the mental level.

Get in a position for meditating. Imagine the whole room filled with the light of the Sun, all corners are cleansed and illuminated. When you see your room or apartment as a clean space, add some pleasant aromas. Light an aroma lamp or incense. To enhance the effect, you can light incense and fumigate the corners of your home with it, walking in the manner of the Sun motion.

You can purify the space of your house with a candle, prayer and holy water

To do this, light a candle and go around all the corners of the house clockwise. Standing in each corner, read the Lord’s prayer “Our Father, Who art in heaven” or another, cross the corner with candles and sprinkle it with holy water.

Purifying the living space with oranges

This technique is versatile, it can be performed if you:

  • moved to a new apartment;
  • want to start a new business;
  • want positive changes;
  • going to cleanse the area after illness, death;
  • clean the house after the visit of unpleasant people;
  • cleansing housing from conflicts;
  • been away from home for a long time;
  • waiting for a newborn in the house.

To perform this technique, you will need 9-12 oranges and 100 grams of vodka or cognac.

Peel the oranges, put the skin in a bowl and fill it with water and alcohol. You can eat oranges or make orange juice.

When the mixture is ready, prepare yourself for the work with the area. Sit down, focus on breathing, take a few deep breaths, visualise the goal of purification, for example, you want to cleanse the house from negative energy or, on the contrary, want to fill it with new positive energy or create a space to attract new things into your life. When the goal is identified, proceed with the technique.

Take a bowl filled with water, alcohol and orange skins and go to the front door. Ask for the blessing of the Higher Powers to perform a good deed. Focus on what you want to get as a result of your actions.

If you feel that there’s too much negative energy accumulated in the room, move counterclockwise. If you are trying to improve what you already have, move clockwise.

Sprinkle water on all corners and surfaces. You can recite your favourite mantra or prayer as you proceed. Try to keep the goal of this activity in your mind. After going around the whole house, go back to the front door. Here you can turn to face the house and visualise how the light fills the entire space of the house. After that, open all the windows and let in the fresh air.