Leo is 5th Sign of Zodiac

The energy of the Sign of Leo

Leo is a bright, fiery, and creative Sign.

It awakens individuality and gives leadership qualities.

Its energy is majestic and royal. Leo always radiates confidence and strength.

It is always self-sufficient, in the centre, and at the same time leading the others.

This is the energy of mentality, management, and responsibility for others.

Leo is big-hearted and generous. It is able to gather a team or an audience.

Energetically, Leo gives us the opportunity to feel our inner centre and uniqueness, around which the world centres.

The esoteric meaning of the sign of Leo

Esoterically, Leo’s energy is the energy of focusing on ourselves.

This Sign helps to gather all the forces of our personality in a single place and form our Self.

This is a complete awareness of one’s Self – unique and different from others.

This is the Sun shining on others from the centre of our Self.

Full awareness of our centre and the ability to be in it allow us to manage both ourselves and groups of people.

Leo has a fiery nature and is associated with our mental body.

Leo is also responsible for consciousness and self-awareness.

How energy of Leo manifests in life

In life, Leo manifests through the formation of a personality, defending one’s interests, creating a unique image, and bringing it into the world.

This is a statement about ourselves as a person, which is achieved by any means – via clothes, social media, or ambitious projects.

Manifestations of a person’s uniqueness and vitality via interests, hobbies, and self-care.

The processes related to creativity and public speaking happen under this Sign.

Mental activity related to the organisation of certain processes is also associated with the Sign of Leo.

Also, Leo’s energy manifests in situations of managing people and groups.

Psychological portrait of a Leo representative

Representatives of the sign of Leo are bright, creative, and independent people.

They are full of dignity. They have their own self-sufficient and rich inner world.

They illuminate their own lives and can illuminate the lives of others. They can generously share their wealth with others.

They may have a bright image and confidently show their leadership qualities.

Leo people often love chic things and a rich environment. They like to shine and be noticeable.

Representatives of this Sign have a natural confidence, which sometimes turns into arrogance. In this case, Leo people can completely stop seeing others, being stuck in their Ego.

However, Leo people can have quite healthy ambitions. They carry themselves, their ideas, and their projects with pride and their heads held high.

The main properties of the Sign of Leo

Element: Fire

Ruling planet: Sun

Zodiacal Cross: Fixed

Related body parts: heart, back, pulmonary diaphragm, lower back, circulatory system (arteries), sympathetic nervous system

Leo is the fifth Zodiac Sign