Gemini is 3rd Sign of Zodiac

The energy of the sign of Gemini

Gemini has a light and friendly energy that invites communication and interaction between people.

It allows them to look at things from different points of view and promotes the flexibility of the mind.

It promotes the harmonisation of relationships, taking them to genuine and spiritual levels.

The energy of Gemini is also associated with communication and exchange of information.

It controls word and speech, helps to perceive any information, and interprets what is happening.

Gemini is associated with constant changeability and the ability to adapt.

Also, the Sign of Gemini is associated with duality, instability, and constant fluctuations.

The esoteric meaning of the sign of Gemini

The esoteric meaning of Gemini lies in the interaction between opposites.

Becoming aware of opposites and living them, a person synthesises them within himself and realises the unity of the world.

Thanks to the constant changeability of Gemini, we get a diverse experience that contributes to evolutionary growth.

Gemini is associated with mental and etheric energy. It is a link between the soul and the body.

The energy of Gemini is responsible for health and promotes healing.

Gemini helps to build the right relationship between the higher Self and the lower Self and to establish contact with our Soul.

Also, the energy of this Sign helps to build proper relationships with people and the whole world.

How energy of Gemini manifests in life

Gemini manifests in the process of any relationship – in the family, at work, on the street, with ourselves.

Communication with friends, acquaintances, and neighbours, meetings, and establishing new contacts happen under this Sign.

Exchanging information and contacts, the thinking and research process are also associated with Gemini.

The situations like adaptation and showing flexibility and mental mobility, and the ability to look at things from a different point of view can be also included here.

Gemini is also associated with taking care of our health and healing from diseases.

Psychological portrait of a Gemini representative

Gemini is light and mobile. To leave in a hurry at night just to go somewhere is easy for them.

Gemini’s element is information, communication, and exchange of experience. They understand another person instantly and can keep a conversation going no matter what the topic is. They easily adapt to the world around them, quickly assimilate information, and have a real talent for negotiating.

Because of their fickleness and changeability, they are not fond of routine activities. Accounting and long calculations are not for them. However, activities like telling the news, discussing something, or selling something are their cup of tea.

The classic Gemini gets the necessary information everywhere. Gemini will definitely see all its value and use it, while others will not notice it or consider it unimportant. It seems that they know everything about everyone. But often they run their mouths, passing information to each and everyone, and it affects people’s attitude to a Gemini.

And at the same time, a Gemini is good at discussions, negotiations, and establishing relationships with partners. They can easily communicate with people of different generations, conduct social surveys, and work in marketing, management, journalism, or statistics.

A Gemini is often sympathetic to different points of view and is able to accept different sides, and because of this, it may be more difficult for them to decide where they stand. It’s harder for them to make decisions and move in one chosen direction.

The main properties of the Sign of Gemini

Element: Air

Ruling planet: Mercury

Zodiacal Cross: Mutable

Related body parts: arms, hands, nervous system, body motion responses

Gemini is the third Zodiac Sign