Mercury is a messenger of the gods

Mercury is a fast planet symbolising intelligence.

It’s the messenger of gods: it connects the Higher and the lower, delivers messages from man to the world of gods and vice versa.

Mercury is a dual planet and unites both Male and Female aspects – Spirit and Matter.

It correlates with the movement of Qi Flow between these two great aspects.

Mercury is directly related to speech and communication in general.

Mercury in Astronomy

Mercury is the smallest and closest planet to the Sun.

It belongs to the group of terrestrial planets. In many ways, Mercury is similar to the Moon but has a slightly bigger size. Just like on the Moon, most of the planet’s surface is covered with uneven elevations.

The atmosphere on the planet is very thin. The average temperature is 350°C (662°F) during the day, and -170°C (-274°F) at night. This is the biggest difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures in the solar system.

Mercury doesn’t have any moons. The period of its revolution around the Sun is 88 days. A day on Mercury equals 176 Earth days. Thus, a day on Mercury lasts twice as long as a year.

Mercury in Mythology

Mercury is the Latin name of the planet.

In Roman mythology, Mercury was the god of trade, travel, and healers.

Also, the name Mercury means “messenger”, or “ambassador”.

In Greek mythology, he is named Hermes – the god of knowledge, wisdom, and magic.

Also, Hermes (or Mercury) was the patron of many crafts and served as an intermediary between gods and people.

His attributes were a winged cap and winged sandals.

In Hindu mythology, Mercury has the name Buddha.

He is famous under many names in India – Charming, Gentle, Knowledgeable, Awakening.

Mercury in Astrology

In astrology, Mercury is associated with mental work.

He is responsible for intellectual abilities, information, and knowledge, their structuring, systematisation, and search.

Also, Mercury is associated with intuition.

In mythology, Mercury is considered an intermediary between the gods and man. And it’s the mind and intuition that serve as a link between the world of Spirit and the world of Matter.

Mercury controls the word and speech.

Knowledge of various languages depends on it. As well as the ability to clearly express your thoughts, be clear, and explain complex things briefly and simply.

Mercury is responsible for communication in general, including communication between people.

It gives the ability to listen and hear another person. The ability to look at things from different points of view.

Mercury’s energy helps to negotiate and find solutions that are beneficial for all parties.

He is responsible for means of communication and communication systems.

The astrological qualities of Mercury are quickness, constant variability, quick wits, dexterity, and ingenuity.

It gives the ability to be flexible and easily adapt to different and rapidly changing circumstances.

Mercury is associated with mathematics, logic, secret knowledge, and medicine.

The basic quality of Mercury is its duality and tendency to balance between two opposites.

Mercury embodies androgyny: it unites both Male and Female aspects, Yin and Yang.