Jupiter is a patron and a teacher

Jupiter is a powerful planet that gives Higher patronage and favourable opportunities.

It takes us up the social ladder and leads us along the Spiritual path.

Jupiter gives us luck and success to do almost everything.

Jupiter in Astronomy

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.

It’s more than 300 times heavier than the Earth, and only 1,000 times lighter than the Sun.

Jupiter looks like a bright star in the sky, that’s why astronomers know it since ancient times. Only the Moon and Venus shine brighter than Jupiter.

This is the fifth planet from the Sun. Jupiter belongs to the category of gas giant planets, like Saturn.

The temperature in Jupiter’s atmosphere at the level of the cloud layer is about -140° C (-220°F). The metal core is heated up to 20,000 degrees (36,000°F).

The orbital period of Jupiter is almost 12 years.

It’s surrounded by numerous moons. There are 79 of them in total, and the largest of them are called Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.

Just like other giant planets of our solar system, Jupiter has rings, which consist mainly of cosmic dust.

Jupiter is the fastest-rotating planet in the solar system. Despite its huge size, it makes a full turn in less than 10 hours. Also, it has the strongest magnetic field.

Jupiter in Mythology

Jupiter (Latin name) is the Roman king of the gods. In Greece, he corresponds to Zeus.

He is the supreme Olympian god, the ruler of the Greek Pantheon, and the lord of thunderbolts.

According to Greek mythology, the entire social order on earth was created by Zeus.

Zeus is the third-generation god. Myths tell us about his interesting ascension to the throne of Olympus.

In Hindu mythology, Jupiter has the name Brihaspati or Guru.

Brihaspati is a supplicant, oracle, and priest who approaches gods on behalf of people and protects humanity from evil.

Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter is one of the most favourable and powerful planets that affect humans.

This is a Teacher who gives favourable opportunities and leads us along the Spiritual path.

Also, Jupiter is associated with the social organisation of society and power. It’s associated with social status, career, patrons, and superiors.

Jupiter represents the developing side of society, the ability of a person to grow in his environment, receive certain benefits, and work on self-improvement.

Some important traits of Jupiter are generosity, charity, and the ability to shine on others.

Jupiter brings success in life, wealth, respect, and public recognition.

A strong Jupiter in a birth chart allows you to take important positions in society or be a spiritual mentor.

The influence of Jupiter helps expand the living space, climb the social ladder, or go further on the Spiritual path.

Also, Jupiter is associated with travelling, especially foreign trips and educational journeys.