Purifying of subtle bodies


The easiest way to purify the astral body is to take a shower. Before taking it, ask water to cleanse you of all impurities. Get into the shower and start the cleansing process with the thought that you are washing away all unnecessary feelings, emotions, thoughts. Pronounce this affirmation: “My physical, energetic, astral and mental body are completely cleansed of all unnecessary things”. When you finish the process, thank the water for cleansing.

Also, you can take a bath with salt or wormwood, thinking of the energetic cleansing of your bodies.

Astral body purifying by the rays of Light

Get in the right position for meditating. Think of the contours of your physical body. Go beyond the physical body, sense the ethereal space. It outlines the contour of our physical body but differs in density, properties and colour. Just try to understand that you have it.

Move on, becoming wider, the etheric is followed by the astral. It already has different outlines compared to the physical, just admit its existence. Move further into your mental body – it has no contour and shape. Rise above the mental, imagine a dot of light. This dot of light begins to grow, it becomes dense, clear, and rays come out from it, penetrating into your mental body and filling it with bright light.

Then, these rays penetrate into the astral body – see it as some kind of water reservoir, and start shining, as the Sun does, illuminating the surface at first, and then penetrating deeper and deeper. If you see some dark areas, direct more attention to them with a ray of light, shine until you feel that it is enough. It is important not to go overboard but do everything gently in order not to disrupt the harmony of everyday life. Try to see the astral body as a clear transparent water reservoir. Next, illuminate your etheric body. Imagine your etheric body consisting of many channels of light, through which energy flows freely. See the most illuminated areas in these channels – here the etheric body comes into contact with the physical, and your physical body starts to be filled with light through these areas. Your entire physical body, skin, muscles, bones, blood, veins, lymphatic system, endocrine system, organs are filled with light. You see how the body glows, the cells open, it’s getting easy to breathe, you smile and feel joy and harmony.

When you finish filling everything with light, stay in a state of light for a while and come out of meditation.

Practice of observing your thoughts

Our astral body is connected with our thoughts more than other bodies. Any thought that has arisen in our minds causes an emotional reaction.

Choose a convenient time and place to practice. Get in a comfortable position – sitting on your heels, in the half-lotus position, or – if you’re flexible enough – in the lotus position. Close your eyes. Start concentrating on your breath. As you observe your breathing, keep track of the thoughts that arise in your space, start to realise what feelings each thought is causing.

Which of them are more intrusive and what emotions do they cause? You may be able to feel the vibrations that arise when certain thoughts appear. Find which ones take you deep into your fantasies and watch them but try to be an observer only, do not identify yourself with them in your meditation, stay detached. See what ideas come to you and which calls to action they bring. Be aware and track them for 10-15 minutes. When the very same thoughts begin to appear in your mind, while the new ones practically don’t come, you can fix those thoughts that are constantly in your head and start letting them go.

When a thought comes close to you, don’t pay much attention to it, and it will leave, fly by like a cloud and melt. Keep doing it for 15-20 minutes. When your thoughts become rare and your mind becomes clearer, pay attention to your emotional background – it should also become calm, relaxed and clearer. Fix this state of the serenity of your feelings and thoughts, remember this state, and slowly open your eyes. Sit with your eyes open for a while, choose any object to observe (for example, a table or a chair). If you are in nature, it may be a tree. Note what kinds of thoughts and feelings you have when you look at these objects.