Full Moon calendar 2024

Full Moon —Āalendar for 2024 - Date, Time and Sign

The next Full Moon will be June 22, 2024 at 2:07 AM

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Date Time Moon in zodiac Sun in zodiac
January 25, 20245:53 PMMoon in LeoSun in Aquarius
February 24, 202412:30 AMMoon in VirgoSun in Pisces
March 25, 20247:00 AMMoon in LibraSun in Aries
April 24, 20240:48 AMMoon in ScorpioSun in Taurus
May 23, 20242:52 PMMoon in SagittariusSun in Gemini
June 22, 20242:07 AMMoon in CapricornSun in Cancer
July 21, 202411:16 AMMoon in CapricornSun in Cancer
August 19, 20247:25 PMMoon in AquariusSun in Leo
September 18, 20243:34 AMMoon in PiscesSun in Virgo
October 17, 202412:26 AMMoon in AriesSun in Libra
November 15, 20249:28 PMMoon in TaurusSun in Scorpio
December 15, 20249:01 AMMoon in GeminiSun in Sagittarius

Full Moon calendar for 2023

The Full Moon is the most important event of the lunar calendar, which happens every lunar month.

The period of the Full Moon influence is not limited to the astronomical moment, but it begins a two days before the actual moment of the Full Moon and lasts two days after.

The Full Moon period is considered a sacred time in most traditions, and many holidays over the world take place at the time of the Full Moon.

This is period of activating powers of Light and positive energy, at this time meditations and rituals are especially effective.

However, for an unprepared psyche, the powerful Full Moon energy can be expressed as much tension and emotional instability.

The Full Moon is also called the "direct Sun" period, because at this time the Moon is located from the opposite side of the Earth in relation to the Sun and solar energy has the maximum impact on the Earth.

For this reason in the Full Moon the sign of the Zodiac in which the Sun is at this moment is of particular importance.