Full Moon in Aquarius

Full moon when Sun in Aquarius

During a full moon in Aquarius group meditations are recommended. During meditation try to aware the unity of the entire group.
It is favorable to meditate for devotion and to realize yourself as a part of all the Humanity, like a cell which is connected to the others.
Think of the advantage and benefit you give to your neighbor and what you can share with other people.

About Aquarius sign

Aquarius is a sign of permanent motion. It symbolizes cyclic activity, continuous changes and innovations.
Symbol of this sign contains peaks and falls that represents wave nature of motion. This is the experience of high mountains and deep valleys which we are getting during our life.
Aquarius rules communications and interaction between people in groups.
The energy of Aquarius is unitive and communicative and it is connected with groups of people and teams.
This energy activates devotion, group consciousness, work for the benefit of community. Egoism of Leo (the opposite sign) is changed to altruism of devotion in Aquarius.
In Aquarius a beauty of group life is appeared. Group interests and conscious individual responsibility are activated.
A nature of Aquarius is air. Therefore this sign is all-pervading and its influence appears in many spheres of life.
Aquarius is connected with decentralization and field processes. That is why it can’t be realized by logic.
In a human body Aquarius is connected with blood-vascular system and its functions.
Keywords for Aquarius are chops and changes, group consciousness and devotion.
Ruler of Aquarius is Uranus.

Details about the Zodiac sign Aquarius