Cancer is 4th Sign of Zodiac

The energy of the sign of Cancer

Cancer has a watery, slightly viscous, and secretive energy.

A man’s home is his castle – that’s the motto of Cancer.

Its energy is connected with our home, family, and clan.

It’s a cosy family life, but also family problems. It’s a cosy home, but also taking care of it.

Cancer’s energy is very conservative, does not like changes, and strives to preserve the way things are.

The distorted energy of Cancer can lead to an excessive focus on one’s possessions and a desire to bring everything home and hoard it.

Under the influence of Cancer, sensitivity to the people around, the chance of getting influenced by public opinion, and the bandwagon effect increase.

The esoteric meaning of the sign of Cancer

Cancer symbolises the energy of the material basis for the spiritual ascent of a person.

The energy of Cancer is associated with the material side and with the amount of this material in people’s lives.

Cancer is also associated with the collective consciousness of humanity, its instincts, and the collective unconscious.

It is associated with the depths of the subconscious, physical habits, and the memory of the past.

Therefore, the sign of Cancer is closely related to the karmic aspect and contains karmic depth.

How energy of Cancer manifests in life

Cancer can manifest in family situations, interactions with relatives, and when building a family.

All issues related to owning a house, family nest, and real estate belong to the energy of this Sign.

Complex karmic problems, especially generic ones, are also associated with this Sign.

Also, this Sign is responsible for herd behaviour, mass delusions, and thought-forms.

Subconscious and instinctive actions, firmly established habits, and stereotypes are influenced by Cancer.

Psychological portrait of a Cancer representative

Cancer is one of the deepest and most sensitive Signs.

Representatives of this sign have good intuition. They are very perceptive to what is happening around them.

As a rule, Cancers are full of empathy and emotions. But they don’t display emotions often. Their emotionality can be deeply hidden and be more like their internal experience.

Because of their sensitivity, they are quite vulnerable. They are easy to hurt, wound with words, and offend. That’s why they may often seem naive.

Because of the worries Cancers have, it may be difficult for them to make decisions and act. They show immaturity, which does not help them make a good impression on other people.

People born under this sign may have a strong connection with their clan. Their love for the family can be quite deep. They may keep inherited items in their house and have many stories passed down from one generation to another.

By their nature, Cancers tend to show attention to others, especially to loved ones. Conflicts are difficult for them because they do not have the core of a fighter.

The main properties of the Sign of Cancer

Element: Water

Ruling planet: Moon

Zodiacal Cross: Cardinal

Related body parts: chest, stomach, gallbladder, lymph nodes, pancreas, mammary glands, oesophagus (the abdominal part), lungs (lower lobe), the upper level of the liver, solar plexus, parasympathetic nervous system

Cancer is the fourth Zodiac Sign