Full Moon in Leo

Full moon when Sun in Leo

During a full moon the energy of Leo is especially enabled and you can use it for awareness of your interior center and personal integrity.
It is recommended to meditate onto life goals, to make a plan.
It is useful to examine your interior life, to realize how different sub- personalities are circled around unified center and obey it.
Observer or witness who can see it is our Consciousness.
It is recommended to practice Vippasana or Anapassati to realize yourself as a Witness.
During this full moon try to tune in with Divine and to feel its vibration.

About Leo sign

Leo symbolizes self-consciousness, individuality, centrality and leadership.
This sign controls accumulation of all different elements of a human into integrate personality.
Leo gives forces to a person, self-confidence, an ability to control the circumstances, other people and yourself.
Truly self-conscious person is those who leads his life to supraliminal life goal and has a certain plan for his life.
The energy of Leo induces people to self-actualization, intellectual activities and domination.
A desire to go further, always achieve goals and to be a leader are greatly enabled in this sign.
This sign is considered the most material. It enables angle to have material objects and to dominate.
Leo is a fiery sign. Flame element has its maximum in this sign and gives Leo a will power to implement plans and to organize people for that.
In a human body Leo is connected with heart, blood circulatory system, arteries, back, diaphragm, sense organs.
Keywords for Leo are individualization, self-consciousness, control.
Ruler of Leo is Sun.

Details about the Zodiac sign Leo