Full Moon in Pisces

Full moon when Sun in Pisces

During a full moon is in Pieces you can meditate onto your attachments to Material, realize dependence to them and try to release.
It is recommended to meditate onto Sacrifice character, as an instrument of releasing from Material attachments.
Learning Christ’s homiletics and His life history from the New Testament can help to understand the essence of beneficence.
The energy of Pieces can help to realize synthetic unity of Spirit and Material, a soul and a body.
It is useful to summarize, to think of a previous period (e.g. a year) and to start a new cycle of your self-improvement.

About Pisces sign

Pisces is the last Zodiac sign. It symbolizes synthesis and level up.
The energy of Pisces transforms complicated relation between the Spirit and Material into integral unity. Therefore Pisces brings salvation of a Soul from the slavery of Material. Also Pisces represents salvation of any form.
Pisces is characterized with forgiveness, humility, sacrifice, compassion and hope.
An important character of Pisces is psychical sensibility, plasticity, perceptivity, tenderness which sometimes leads to complete loss of inherent personality.
Pisces is water sign and have changeable character and permanent alternation of desires. We can say that water that surrounds Pisces is a world of illusions (Maya) which results with integration of the Spirit and the Material.
In a human body Pisces is connected with feet.
Keywords for Pisces are sacrifice, denial, synthesis, salvation.
Ruler of Pisces is Jupiter.

Details about the Zodiac sign Pisces