Full Moon in Libra

Full moon when Sun in Libra

During a full moon in Libra it is recommended to practice calm and peaceful meditation onto a balance of your life. You can see deviations and deformations and to understand how to harmonize and balance them.
In order to feel yourself confident and balanced you should train an ability to achieve inner silence and centrality. Practice Buddhist meditations, read spiritual literature, stay on the nature more time.
A man is a unique creature which consists of both Spiritual and Material essence. Mostly this is a reason of all our problems and, at the same time, - our great potential. Try to meditate onto harmonization of Spiritual and Material during this full moon.

About Libra sign

Libra brings the energy of balance and harmony.
This is the only inanimate sign of Zodiac and it represents the Absolute.
The element of Libra is air which gives it impersonality and indifference.
A man is constantly under influence of the opposites and he should always balance and harmonize spiritual and material, male and female, private and communal, activity and inactivity.
Libra is a central axis all the Zodiac which rules these processes.
Inharmonious energy of Libra can be demonstrated as endless hesitancy and fluctuation. It embarrasses to make a choice, to put foot down.
The harmonic influence of Libra can aid to balance the opposites, to get the balance and steadily follow the Middle Path.
Libra is a keeper of world of law. It represents justice, court and law of Karma. If we do not balance ourselves, otherwise a law of Karma do it for us or at the worst case - a human justice.
In spite of airy character Libra is a very practical sign which teaches to accomplish deeds. Libra is the opposite sign to Aries is responsible to practical and implementation of creative impulses in a balanced manner.
The energy of Libra controls the money flows which brings balancing energy to many human interrelations.
In a human body Libra are connected with thighs, kidneys, urinary bladder, excretory system.
Keywords for Libra are Balance, choice, measure, harmony.
Ruler of Libra is Venus.

Details about the Zodiac sign Libra