Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full moon when Sun in Sagittarius

During a full moon in Sagittarius it is recommended to meditate onto your life goals, make aware of life direction in different spheres.
May be it’s time to overview and reorient it to more important goals. Or change the direction to be closer to your soul needs.
The energy of Sagittarius activates intuition and mind and can help to realize your life, aspiration and goals and to make truthful decision.
You can use this period for important decisions. Stay in meditative mood, practice inner silence, tune to your intuition that always knows the right solvation of any problem.

About Sagittarius sign

The energy of Sagittarius is characterized by concentration and unidirectionality.
This sign controls targeting and decision making. Sagittarius has Flame nature and it represents activity, motivation and mentality.
Sagittarius aids to escape from endless and changeable desires and to direct mind to a certain goal.
The energy of Sagittarius can be shown up as egoistic desire and spiritual aspiration as well.
An important character of Sagittarius is devotion.
Also Sagittarius enables intuition, which aids to choose the right goal and right choice.
Sagittarius is a sign of balance like an archer should be balanced and calm before shooting an arrow.
In a human body Sagittarius is connected with thigh, veins, sense organs, sciatic nerve.
Keywords for Sagittarius are direction, aspiration, concentration.
Ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter.

Details about the Zodiac sign Sagittarius