Full Moon in Cancer

Full moon when Sun in Cancer

During the full moon, when the Sun is in Cancer, it is favorable to work with
mental images and implementing them into reality.
All our mental images should be realized in life or released and dismissed. Otherwise they become vain and obsessive.
The energy of Cancer favors to project implementation and you can use it!
Also Cancer helps to correctly estimate the capabilities and to avoid overwork. During the full moon is in Cancer the meditation onto matching your real capabilities can be very efficient.
In a general sense meditate onto your life as a Temple of Soul.

About Cancer sign

Cancer represents the maximum point of penetration into Material. But Capricorns the opposite sign represents the maximum point of manifestation of the spirit.
This is water sign which is connected with subconsciousness, instinctive and emotional life, sensibility, sensation and mass consciousness.
This is the most sensitive of all the signs. It evokes physical and emotional sensibility and also enhances mental sensibility.
Cancer controls morphogenesis and materialization of ideas. Also it rules reincarnation processes (the universal law of circularity).
Each material form can be considered as temporary, serving its purpose and then should be destroyed for creation a new one, more adequate.
In human body Cancer is connected with chest, lungs, stomach, liver, gallbladder.
Keywords for Cancer are sensibility, form creation, reincarnation.
Ruler of Cancer is Moon.

Details about the Zodiac sign Cancer