Full Moon in Taurus

Full moon when Sun in Taurus

A full moon in Taurus in Buddhism is an important holiday. It is devoted to Buddha and called Vesak.
Buddha preached the liberation from the wills and transformation the Mind to Wisdom.
This holyday is a symbol of the enlightenment of the whole human being.
It is recommended to pass this time in meditation and prayers.
Tranquillization of your mind is the first step to its enlightenment, so it is recommended to practice the proper practical training.
During the full moon it is useful to think of desires that takes your energy and release form them. Otherwise, perform as much motivation as possible implementing your genuine desires.

About Taurus sign

Taurus represents a Will and it is connected with astral body, the body of Wills.
The symbol of Taurus is gold.
This sign teaches to use a volition to implement your wills.
The main features of that sign are insistence in will implementation, ability to accomplish deeds and to achieve stated objective.
This sign keeps a secret of definition of objectives and planning. Therefore Taurus represents planning and will implementation.
Taurus is the strongest sign that connected with the earth. Therefor it is related to physical body and controls a health.
In spiritual aspect Taurus is responsible for Enlightenment i.e. the transformation of the Mind into Wisdom.
In a human body this sign is connected with neck and thyroid gland.
Keywords for Taurus are volition, power, will, aspiration, motivation, goal, impulse and plan.
Ruler of Taurus is Venus.

Details about the Zodiac sign Taurus