Full Moon in Virgo

Full moon when Sun in Virgo

During a full moon in Virgo it is favorable to tune onto your Soul, trying to hear it, realize its importance for your essence.
It is good to meditate about the purpose of your life, your role and your personal benefit you can give to a world.
There is no need to look far afield – quite everything around us is our duty and meaning of our existence itself. The energy of Virgo during a full moon can help to realize it clearly and also to meet those “Child” that growth as a result of our everyday practice.
Meditate on those life sphere where there is a lack of meaning and try to recover the Divine beginning in it.

About Virgo sign

Virgo represents Mother. This sign symbolizes carrying and maturation of a Soul inside a form.
Each material form, including a man, has its meaning. For a man it is a Soul.
The energy of Virgo symbolizes depth, darkness, peace, warmth, this is a valley of deep experience, a way from darkness to light.
Virgo is an Earth element therefore it is relevant to patience, painstaking work, concentration, cyclic maturation.
Virgo symbolizes a time womb in which forbearingly and for a long time a baby is carrying.
This is a very practical sign. Its energy allows achieving results in complicated and diligent affairs, like scientific research, persistent training, etc.
The processes of meaning revelation are usually occur under Virgo sign (e.g. child-rearing, professional growth, intellectual development).
A law of quantity transits to a law of quality.
The energy of Virgo gives us patience and insistence in monotonous recurrent work, long term monotonous cycles in the name of good result.
In a human body Virgo is connected with digestive organs, nerves, milt, pancreas, blood circulatory system.
Keywords for Virgo are meaning, maturation.
Ruler of Virgo is Mercury.

Details about the Zodiac sign Virgo