Full Moon in Scorpio

Full moon when Sun in Scorpio

During a full moon in Scorpio perform self-controlling and discipline.
The energy of Scorpio gives us liberation from attachments so cut off any unnecessary relations and feelings. You can even hand round or discard old things.
Scorpio manages the energy of death and it is good to meditate about it during a full moon. In fact death anxiety is attachment to your physical body and you can concentrate onto Divine and detach from the material things.
It is favorable to meditate onto illusiveness of material world and its pleasures. To realize the eternity of a Spirit and its detachment from the material world.

About Scorpio sign

Scorpio has a very powerful energy that brings us temptation, endurance, triumph and victory.
This is an energy of struggle and transformation which represents a Warrior.
Scorpio is water sign therefore its energy has relation to our emotions.
Besides Scorpio recovers and demonstrates a dark side of our psychology with all disadvantages, passions and drawbacks.
Certainly it thrills but awareness of these disadvantages is a first step for its transformation.
Scorpio teaches us Humility. When you are able to realize your dark side and accept it you can easier understand the others.
Mars is a disposer of Scorpio that gives such kind of energy, but also it prevents us to control emotions.
Also Scorpio controls sexual sphere.
The energy of Scorpio helps us to improve our self-culture and self-controlling.
Scorpio controls the crisis situations of our life. Each crisis case is a certain examination and as a result of passing this exam we get winning and level up.
All endurances we have leads us to purification and development of our Spirit.
This sign is connected with genitals, ureter and nervous system.
Keywords for Scorpio are endurance, struggle, transformation.
Ruler of Scorpio is Mars.

Details about the Zodiac sign Scorpio