Full Moon in Gemini

Full moon when Sun in Gemini

When the full moon is in Gemini a Good Will Day or Christ Day is celebrated.
It is a favorable day for group meditation. The topic for meditation is the Brotherhood of all Human Being, a brotherhood based on Love. This is our future that we build now.
It is recommended to follow the Christian commandment concerning relations.
It is favorable to start any group activities in the name of all the Human Beings.

About Gemini sign

Gemini is responsible for intercommunion, relations and communication.
The energy of Gemini teaches us truthful interrelations between each other which based on Love.
This is aerial sign which contribute to relations between people and information exchange.
The energy of Gemini is very changeable. Gemini is symbolized by two brothers of opposite vibrations.
Gemini represents inconstancy of our life experience in which the Spirit grows and matures.
Mercury, the disposer of Gemini, gives mind the flexibility and ability to join opposites to each other. Therefore Gemini is a sign of Divine messenger and the possibility to resolve duality.
Gemini is related with ethereal body which comes between physical and high bodies.
Gemini controls hands, nervous system, thymus and oxidative process in blood.
Keywords for Gemini – truthful relations, permanent inconsistency, awareness of duality.
Ruler of Gemini is Mercury.

Details about the Zodiac sign Gemini