Planetary hour of the Sun

Description of the Sun

The Sun gives us joy and a burst of energy, strengthens our individuality, ego and will to express ourselves. On top of this, the Sun heightens our ambitiousness and self-confidence.

Here are some good examples of what you can do during the planetary hour of the Sun:

- Express yourself through creative work.
- Brightly announce your individuality.
- During this hour all projects, which require an active start, come out really well.
- Over this hour it is also suggested to communicate with high powered and competent people including government officials.
- The hour of the Sun is good for promotions.
- This is a period when we can charge ourselves with joy, optimism and happiness.
- This is a period of spiritual uplift.
- During this hour resoluteness awakens and vitality rises. We become more brave and decisive, which gives us the ability to take important commitments.
- During the Sun hour it is good to communicate with fathers, sons, husbands or bosses.
- Any speech or public speaking will come out successfully too.
- It is also good to start important projects.
- This time is advantageous for the declaring of your desires and goal-setting.

These are examples of what the Sun hour is unsuitable for:

- Be cautious not to be wasteful about money.
- Better to postpone serious negotiations.
- This time is not good for romance, getting into arguments or getting married.
- During the Sun hour it is best not to give into pessimism and melancholy.
- It's suggested to control expressions of your ego and avoid pride and vanity.