Planetary hour of Mercury

Description of Mercury

Mercury is the planet which is responsible for communications, relations, negotiations and interactions. It's spheres of influence are combinatorics and the generation of new ideas from information which already exists. It gives us energy for collecting information we need without going too deep in the search process. Mercury controls social relations, crafts and the ability to work with tools.

This is what's suggested to do during the planet hour of Mercury:

- The Mercury hour is favorable for correspondence and business negotiations.
- It is also suggested to plan short business trips for the Mercury hour.
- During the hour of Mercury it is good to run seminars.
- This is an advantageous hour for the preparation of important papers or contracts, but it is better to sign them at another time.
- This hour is favorable for trade and business matters, except for real estate.
- During the Mercury hour we gain the ability to express our thoughts more clearly and brightly, this is why this hour is advantageous for journalists, sellers and logistics specialists.
- During this time it is good to start learning or studying new crafts or tools.
- This is an advantageous time for exchanging or working with information such as research and analysis.
- Any research or systematisation of knowledge will come out well over the Mercury hour.
- The planetary hour of Mercury is condescending for inventors and favors the search for new decisions.
- Any planned medical manipulations or procedures to support your health are suggested during the Mercury planetary hour.
- This hour is favorable for departing on any trip.
- The planetary hour of Mercury is also good for any planting or seeding.
- This is a good time for communication with neighbors, friends and acquaintances which surround us every day of our lives.

What is not suggested to do during the Mercury hour and what you have to remember about:

- If a negotiation is scheduled for the Mercury hour, try to avoid any gossipy conversations.
- Try not to schedule any important business deals for the Mercury hour.
- A marriage which was contracted at this hour may bring some worries and shortage of financial resources.
- During the Mercury hour do not hire household staff.
- It is suggested to avoid any fuss, gossip and empty chatter.