Planetary hour of the Moon

Description of the Moon

The Moon controls very important spheres of our life such as family, house, adaptation and the ability to survive in any situation. It influences our imagination, memory, mind and spirit. The Moon allows us to enjoy our usual routine doings. On top of everything, the Moon controls the female sphere including all emotions.

Things which turn out really well during the Moon hour are:

- The hiring of cleaning staff.
- This is an advantageous time for getting married.
- It is also suggested to do cleaning or even remodeling.
- This time is favorable for either gallantry or communication with our loved ones and nearest and dearest.
- Food, which was made during this hour, comes out tasty and filling.
- Also the Moon hour is good for buying groceries.
- Studying problems are easily solved during this time as well.
- Everyday routine problems can be solved very easily and productively without extra strain or discomfort during the Moon hour.
- This is an advantageous time to create events for advertising.
- During the Moon planet hour, fantasy and imagination work really well.
- The Moon hour is also good for creating friendly and trust-based relations with an audience.
- It is suggested to repair relations, make peace, seek forgiveness and solve conflicts with opponents.
- The Moon hour is the most favorable for body care. Over this time it is good to take baths, visit spa-salons and do any procedures which are pleasant for your body.
- On the Moon hour it is good to begin any kind of travel on the water.
- During this hour it is best to work with things related to the "moon" : house, everyday routine, recreation, children or plants.
- During work time use the Moon hour to talk to your friend, call your child to ask if they are ok, clean up your work area or organize your computer's desktop.
- The Moon planet hour is a time for rest and relaxation.

The Moon hour is unsuitable for:

- Lending or borrowing any money. The ever changing nature of the Moon is inauspicious for finances.
- It is not worth the trouble to sign serious documents at this hour.
- This is not the most advantageous time for any serious work or important jobs.
- The Moon doesn't bode well for productive mind activity or concentration.
- Negotiations which are related to serious projects or financial matters better be delayed for another hour.
- It is not good to start any construction work including the laying of any groundwork.
- It is not suggested to play games of fortune and chance.
- Try not to give-in to offences or caprises.