Planetary hour of Jupiter

Description of Jupiter

Jupiter gives us generous gifts and blesses pretty much any project. Wisdom, justice, knowledge, charity and luck are in Jupiter's hands. It is difficult to find a matter that would not succeed at the time of Jupiter.

Here is what you may find most successful during the planetary hour of Jupiter:

- Waking up at the time of Jupiter means providing yourself with vigor and optimism for the whole day.
- At this time, sanity and prudence become stronger. The decisions you make at Jupiter's hour are maximally optimal.
- This is a favorable hour for starting any programs aimed at strengthening your health.
- The journey which began at Jupiter's hour must go great.
- The Jupiter hour is good for social and charity events, banquets and joining charitable societies. Everything related to philanthropy, patronage and support comes out wonderfully.
- This is a good hour to deal with lawyers, doctors, clergy, bankers, insurance agents, real estate owners, as well as any experts in their field.
- During the planetary hour of Jupiter it's advantageous to do home tasks, improve education and develop knowledge in your field. You can search for a job.
- At this hour, it's good to seek out the favor of influential people and to borrow or lend money.
- During this hour it is favorable to plant.
- Jupiter's hour is perfect for wedding engagement.

The only thing, which is not recommended to be done during the planetary hour of Jupiter:

- You should not commit undignified acts at this hour, try not to swear, get into fights or break the law.