Planetary hour of Mars

Description of Mars

Mars is a red planet which provides energy for action. Under his influence, we become decisive and proactive. This is a warlike planet and there is no conflict without it. Mars sees the goal and doesn't believe in obstacles, it seeks to achieve the goal directly by believing in itself. Decision, initiative, energy, straightforwardness and proneness to conflict are most pronounced during the time of Mars. Mars gives the initial impulse to start any project.

These are favorable to do in the planetary hour of Mars:

- At this hour it is good to do sports, giving yourself an extra workout.
- At this time it is favorable to perform any joyous activity which is associated with movement.
- If you want to go for a romantic adventure, and you are not afraid of an unexpected result, start it at the hour of Mars.
- Use this time if you need to be optimistic or take the initiative. At this time you can create an impulse and rally the team or a partner with your ideas, but leave the elaboration of details for later.
- Mars allows for great brain activity and concentration, so it's good to participate in intellectual competitions, condense your efforts and delve deep into the scientific field which interests you.
- Mars controls the state power structures like an army, police, Ministry of Emergencies, therefore it is favorable to contact them at this planetary hour.
- The hour of Mars is favorable for doctors, surgeons, dentists, cooks, chemists, engineers and other professions related to metal, iron or fire. It is also beneficial to ineract with them.
- If you need to talk, for example, with your boss, but you do not possess a persuasive talent, then choose the hour of Mars.
- At this hour, it is good to start work which requires a lot of strength and energy.

These are better to avoid during the planetary hour of Mars:

- If you feel that a conflict is beginning with a partner or business colleague, try to avoid dialogue with this person during this hour.
- During the planetary hour of Mars a provocation may occur.
- You should not start debates with your competitors or lawyers at this time, especially if you are not sufficiently knowledgeable.
- If you have a public speech planned for this hour, it will be very energetically charged, but provocative questions can not be avoided.
- Try not to take risks at the time of Mars and be extra cautious while driving.
- It is better to postpone any rides or travelings during this time.
- Avoid any conflict situations, scandals and fights.