Planetary hour of Saturn

Description of Saturn

Saturn controls the passage of time. This planet tests all our plans and undertakings for their strength. Saturn is leisurely, punctual and responsible. During periods of Saturn's activity, our maturity, professionalism and psychological stability are being tested. At the time of Saturn, we do not always notice how much more serious and responsible we become and how outwardly thoughtful and adult we seem. Saturn teaches us to feel the time and do everything on time. Saturn's planetary hour is a time of concentration, solitude and contemplation.

These are favorable during the planetary hour of Saturn:

- At the time of Saturn, it is favorable to carry out practices which are aimed at one's spiritual development.
- It is good to start long-term projects. Clearly, they will work out better if preceded by a long preliminary preparation, which took a lot of effort, time and attention.
- Saturn's planetary hour is perfect for beginning a series of strategic arrangements for your business.
- It is favorable to solve issues which are related to real estate.
- The hour of Saturn is good for excavation and agricultural works.
- At the planetary hour of Saturn it's good to visit your grandparents, communicate with older relatives or elderly people in general.
- The planetary hour of Saturn makes it possible to appeal to senior management. Therefore, if you are well prepared, have carefully thought everything out, and you have a clear plan of action, then contact the bosses, people who are higher than you in rank, officials or authorities.
- If you want to receive any formal response from officials or any service, contact them at the planetary hour of Saturn.
- If you are a leader, and you need to conduct an inspection or meet your employees, do this at the planetary hour of Saturn. At this hour one's discipline and work ethic increase, and you will be able to better see both the strengths and weaknesses of your employees.

These things the planetary hour of Saturn is not suitable for:

- The hour of Saturn is unfavorable for taking medicine.
- Do not get a haircut at the hour of Saturn. The ancients believed that when a person cuts it's hair, he cuts off his problems as well, but at Saturn's hour doing so can intensify these problems.
- You should not go shopping during the planetary hour of Saturn.
- Humor and bright clothes are inappropriate at this hour.
- If you have to make a report at the hour of Saturn, then it should be as structured as possible.
- The hour of Saturn won't allow for easy and pleasant meetings.
- During this hour try not to contact your boss for minor issues.
- Try not to lend money at this time, but if you do, give exactly the amount which you can easily part with.
- This period is bad for all kinds of trips or travel because of the risk for loss and disappointment.