24 lunar day

Symbol: Shiva

One creates the new after having destroyed the old.

This is a day of masculine energy revival. The power of nature is the most active today, physical strength intensively increases. It is the very good day for contacting with the opposite sex. This is a favorable day to build foundations; to start new projects such as the construction or repair of buildings.

Influence on health:

Muscle-strengthening physical exercises and yoga are favorable. Use this day to strengthen your health.

Nutrition tips on 24 lunar day:

This day the food should be diverse and nutritious. fermented milk and milk products are favorable. A little dry wine is allowed. Fasting is not recommended.

Business on 24 lunar day:

This is a favorable day for creative work or artwork presentations.

It is recommended to:
- work with finances
- discuss the current situation
- cancel complex projects
- make plans
- work with accounting transactions
- work with archives
- commence new projects
- carry out business
- finish important projects
- be active
- lay a foundation for construction or start repair work
- buy real estate For bosses:
- create a conference about monthly results, carefully analyze what actions lead to success. For employees: ask your boss about career growth or material reward
- run an exhibition, performance, concert or evening party
- learn, self
-educate, improve your qualifications
- finish important projects
- analyze what actions have brought favorable result and what have not.

Housework on 24 lunar day:

The powerful energy of this lunar day will give you strength for all kinds of difficult housework. You may not only start any construction, repair or foundation but also plant a garden or do heavy seeding. If you wanna paint a fence you will never find a day better for this purpose. Don't hesitate to ask your family members for help but try not to force them. Above all maintain a peace in your home.

Relationships on 24 lunar day:

This is the best day to constitute a family mostly for those couples who plans to have many kids.
Masculine energy is highly active this day. Sexual potential is very strong. Therefore romantic rendezvous are very effective.
A good time to discuss future plans with your partner and to start their realization.

Stones and minerals:

Black jasper, air obsidian, malachite, blue nephritis, grossular.

Meditation on 24 lunar day:

Dao and Tantra practices, working with minerals, yoga, nature.

If you are building a house, today will be favorable for better understanding how and where to build the well.
During the 24th lunar day the anus and the `Death Gates` chakra are active. This chakra is between the anus and genitals, below the Svadhisthana chakra (T1 point in Chinese medicine). This is a very important spot, because it is an entry point for Earth energy.

The dreams on 24 lunar day:

On this lunar day dreams show the state of your sexual energy, creative power, inner strength, and your overall potential. If you had good dreams, then everything is going well. Bad dreams may point to the place where your energy is escaping. Perhaps you have not established a relationship with the opposite sex, or you aren't manifesting yourself creatively in life, or you've wasted a lot of internal strength and you need to recover that energy. Sometimes dreams on this lunar day may show your past lives, in this case life is giving you direct instructions for the precise issues that you are in need of overcoming.

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