16 lunar day

Symbol: Butterfly

Harmony and balance of mind and body.

Keep your balance. Exercises favoring equilibrium are advisable today. This is a good day for cleaning, tidying up and taking a ritualistic bath. Communicate with your guardian angel.

Influence on health:

Spleen is active. Physical exercises and blood cleansing procedures are advisable. Vegan diet is recommended.

Nutrition tips on 16 lunar day:

The food should be substantial but not in excess. Avoid meat, mushrooms, leguminous plants . During this lunar day the blood regenerates, so use turmeric. The best drink is yoga-tea with turmeric. In the evening, not long before sleep, drink milk with turmeric and fennel. Ideally take fruits, vegetables, delicate soup and porridge. Fish is allowed.

Business on 16 lunar day:

It is recommended to:
- take a rest from the activities of the previous days
- finish easy projects started on the 15th lunar day
- strengthen the positions you have gained. For bosses:
- don't demand much from your employees, let them have a rest
- cancel important affairs
- discuss the current situation and make decisions
- avoid any hustle and strain
- build upon the relations among your staff
- arrange your working place more comfortably. For employees:
- do familiar, usual work which doesn't need any extra attention
- spend a day in deliberate thinking
- carry on trading
- make time for a hobby, music, poetry or art.

It is not recommended to:
- conduct monetary transactions
- sign documents, contracts or agreements
- ask your boss for anything
- have a business trip
- negotiate
- take part in an interview
- start a new job in a new place
- implement any innovation
- display negative emotion.

Housework on 16 lunar day:

Energy of this day tunes you into balance and appeals to tranquility and deliberateness. This is why you shouldn't work too hard with your housework. On the 16th day it is better to avoid turmoil, commotion, tension and extra exertions. You may finally relax and just sleep in. This day is good day to make crafts for the home: embroidery, drawing or creating an ikebana. It is also suggested to work in the flower garden, rearranging your clothes and searching for jewelry for certain outfits. Nature and its sounds are very beneficial today, they bring peace and restfulness after the full moon day and give you enough energy to move on to the next day.

Relationships on 16 lunar day:

It is not recommended to constitute a family and perform marriage ceremony this day.
But it is favorable to start a honeymoon and make an offer of marriage.
Today is a good time for romantic rendezvous in calm and peaceful place. Avoid dispute or gripe session.

Stones and minerals:

Spinel, tourmaline, charoit, emerald, pearl (except black one).

Meditation on 16 lunar day:

The color white, butterfly image.

Balance exercises. The Moon is still in its powerful state, it reflects the highest amount of sunlight. You can also swim along the moonlight. You may meditate on filling up with the moonlight. Lay down, relax and visualize: picture yourself laying on the beach, hear the sounds of the waves; watch the starry arch in the sky and the huge Moon which brightens the surroundings. You see the moonlight glimmering on the water and the Moon's halo, which covers all the visible parts of the sky. You feel harmony, relaxed, no worries, no thoughts. Soon you begin to feel the moonlight touching your skin and penetrating inside of your body. This is Sun energy being transformed, cooled after reflecting from the Moon. You are filling up with this flow more and more and becoming this Light. You breathe with this light and feel how it calms all the cells of your body, how it calibrates all your inner flows, how it un-wrinkles your face and skin. Continue to take it in until you feel enough. When the meditation is finished, thank the Moon and the reflected sunlight. Rejuvenation procedures are favorable today.
During the 16th lunar day the Manipura chakra is active.

The dreams on 16 lunar day:

Usually dreams this day either indicate that you are very tensed or help to relieve stress. If the dream helped you to determine the degree of your tension then try and find suitable ways to relax in reality. For example, you may use shavasana, relaxing oil massage or sauna. The dreams you had might range anywhere between harmonious and chaotic. Do not try to interpret them; the main task of these dreams is to purify you and bring your system back into balance. If you had a nightmare it means that your subconscious is cleansing itself of negative energy. These dreams are powerful enough that within 24 hours they can cure illness in a sick person or relieve a healthy person from their tension; dreams this lunar day may also calm you down and help you to find a balance in life. You may find today, that dreams provide information for your future spiritual evolution, you may even communicate with your Guardian Angel. In order to properly utilize the full potential of today's energy you must prepare yourself in advance using the balance you've created in your behaviour over the past 16 lunar days. Only this way will you receive the most healing from these dreams.

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