20 lunar day

Symbol: Eagle

Reject all doubts, adopt your transformation.

This is a day of revelations, disclosures, spiritual transformation and overcoming doubt. Inner transformation is possible today. Be open to new things that come on this day. It is good time to be in the company of like-minded persons, their opinions could help open your eyes to many things. It is favourable for releasing from debts and poor conditions.

Influence on health:

Shoulder-blades, upper back and peritoneum are active. Be attentive to your backbone. Good day for fasting.

Nutrition tips on 20 lunar day:

Take any food you like except meat. It is preferable to experiment with new exotic recipes. the main thing is the food must be freshly prepared.

Business on 20 lunar day:

This is a day of enlightenment, revelation and invention. This day people are sociable and open. If you work with diligent productivity the possibility for career growth is heightened today.

It is recommended to:
- work in team and cooperate to overcome problems
- work with financial matters
- work and carry out business
- work on challenging problems
- commence construction
- move up to a new post with more responsibility
- make important decisions
- make new acquaintances
- improve old relations
- avoid egoism and overestimation of your abilities
- commence new projects
- work efficiently. For bosses:
- sign contracts or any important documents
- open new branches
- implement new rules or decrees
- take new employees or promote them. For employees: ask your boss questions only if absolutely necessary
- display leadership
- be attentive to current situation and perform decisive actions when necessary.

It is not recommended to:
- express envy and malevolence
- be on the bit or give up
- be passive.

Housework on 20 lunar day:

Control yourself and maintain your inner balance. Don't argue with your family members or push them to do any housework; don't reprimand them for any clutter. Simply pick it up and let it bring you pleasure. Try and see your living space from an outsider's perspective, maybe you'll come up with any new ideas about things, which overload your house and daily routine. Energy of this lunar day is favorable for the beginning of any new construction projects. Beware of overheating yourself.

Relationships on 20 lunar day:

This is favorable day for wedding celebration
Families constituted during the 20th lunar day are seldom disrupted from jealousy, betrayal, financial problems.
A favorable day to have a romantic date in a calm and peaceful place. This day you can temporize with your partner and easily understand his needs.

Stones and minerals:

Red jasper, gespilit.

Meditation on 20 lunar day:

Sky, nature.

Training: "Meeting your Inner Teacher" Lay down, relax, move your attention upward, starting from your feet. First relax the right leg from toes to thigh. Next your left leg, thighs, loins, underbelly, chest, back; then your right hand, left hand, shoulders, neck, face and head. When your body is completely relaxed, imagine a clear sky. It calls and invites you to meet the unknown. You are going up higher and higher, enjoying the flight. You see the land, trees, mountains, rivers, seas and oceans below you. You see a mountain and you are about to land there. The place you will land is your Power Place. You sit in meditation, looking deeper and deeper inside, and then you meet your Inner Teacher. You may ask them some questions. Communicate with them, accept their important wisdom. When this interaction is finished, retrace your journey back to your body, with the knowledge you have received .
During the 20th lunar day the Anahata chakra is active.

The dreams on 20 lunar day:

Today's dreams may come true quickly. On this lunar day you can even order the dream if you wish; for example, you may visit a place you wanted to go. You may also try to appear in someone else's dream. It is possible for dreams today to provide solutions to any problems or allow you to travel in the subtle worlds. There exists an omen which says that if the weather is bad in the morning, then the dream will come true today.

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