29 lunar day

Symbol: Hydra

Clean yourself and your house, and keep clean.

Stay abstinent and humble, practice humility and repentance; today i a good day for fasting and healing. Do not do anything new; follow through on the things you started. Cut off false ties. Do housework, tidy up and clean your house. Chores such as baking are recommended.

Influence on health:

Buttocks and rectum are active. Any way of cleaning your entire system is advisable.

Nutrition tips on 29 lunar day:

Take only vegetarian food this day. Cereals and grains are favorable. dairy produce can make favorable effect. Prepare home-made pies, pancakes, etc.

Business on 29 lunar day:

It is recommended to:
- avoid conflict and dispute. For bosses:
- do not rebuke or demand a change in efficiency; better to take an inventory, perform equipment maintenance, office cleaning or synopsizing
- work individually
- keep neutrality with colleagues
- have a one
-day vacation.

It is not recommended to:
- work with financial and monetary matters
- sign documents
- accommodate someone with a loan or incur debt
- carry around a substantial amount of money
- employ new staff
- give into anxiety and depression
- negotiate
- express negative emotions
- contact with unknown people or ill
- embark on a venture
- commence new projects.

Housework on 29 lunar day:

This lunar day is appropriate for the final housecleaning of the current lunar month. Give a preference to energy cleansing within your living spaces. Use whatever suits you: candle, mantra, prayer or sacred sounds. Better to prepare your house for this procedure in advance. Try to spread your housework energy throughout the lunar month, don't put off everything until the last day! While cleaning your house keep this thought in your mind: "Cleaning my physical spaces is cleansing of my spiritual spaces". You may feel like it's better to do so much but there is no need to. Save your energy on days of Hecate, it is at its lowest point. Try not to tire yourself. Before this lunar day the majority of your projects should be done. It's favorable to spend this day alone and dedicate it to creativity and summarizing the passing lunar month. Good results are bound to follow.

Relationships on 29 lunar day:

On this day it is recommended to abstain from family constitution and wedding celebration.
It is not favorable day for divorce and parting because of high possibility of quarrels and scandals.
It is better to cancel a date, but if you still decide to have it – be particular in speech. It is recommended to postpone the first rendezvous till other day.

Stones and minerals:

Black pearls, nacre, obsidian, white opal, labradorite, color jasper.

Meditation on 29 lunar day:

Purification of the home and food.

Transformation of negative thoughts. If the Moon is not in Water Signs, cold salt water procedures for the feet are recommended. Take this foot bath for no longer than 10 minutes. It will cleanse you of all negative energy. If you continue the procedure any further, positive energy might flow away as well. This may also free you from malefice. Make sure to maintain a comfortable water temperature. During the entire procedure imagine that all negativity is washed away by the water. If you feel bad today, hold a candle in your left hand; the candle must burn down to the bottom, don't blow it out. You may cut it to the proper length in advance. Extinguish the flame with your right hand's fingers. Today, cleansing the house is recommended; use incense, shelf fungus, ledum or juniper. Create enough smoke in order to drive the evil energy out.
During the 29th lunar day the Muladhara chakra is active.

The dreams on 29 lunar day:

The energy of this lunar day is difficult and it leaves its imprint on the dreams. Before going to bed walk with a lit candle to clear the space in your house. These dreams may be complicated, unpleasant and frightening. If this is the case, it is a reflection of negativity that has accumulated in your subconscious, and which you need to free yourself of. During the 29th lunar day try to maintain harmony and a good mood. If possible try and analyze today's dreams with a professional psychologist.

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