13 lunar day

Symbol: Wheel

Wheel rotates, movement continues.

This is a good day for group work, acquiring new information and initiating new training cycles. Use today for accumulation, acquisition and making of household items; baking bread is suggested.

Influence on health:

Pancreas and hara (energy center) are active. Filling up on food is recommended. Energy and blood circulation is increased. Procedures for body rejuvenation are recommended. It is possible to clean the liver.

Nutrition tips on 13 lunar day:

It is favorable to take seafood and experiment with food. Digestion of solid grain porridge is very good. Vegetables and fruits are irreplaceable as usually. Bake and take bread.

Business on 13 lunar day:

This is a day to renew the vital energy of your life.

It is recommended to:
- extend the sphere of your influence
- correct your business policy
- sign agreements
- hire new employees
- organize public events
- get new information, improve education and increase knowledge
- create groups or teams
- work in a team and discuss urgent problems with colleagues
- solve financial matters.

It is not recommended to:
- start serious projects, especially by yourself
- quit any previously started projects
- take long breaks or rest too much.

Housework on 13 lunar day:

The Energy of this day has a dualistic character. The first half of it is especially difficult and demands of us some effort in order to maintain inner balance. Therefore if starting any projects measure carefully their level of importance. If you can't delay a project, use all possible love and care while completing it, and whatever you do don't rush. Any hurried behavior is sure to cause blunders today. The 13th lunar day is favorable for beginning to build any round objects, such as wells, fountains or cupolas. It is also advantageous to spin threads, make round talismans or bake round breads and pastries.

Relationships on 13 lunar day:

This is favorable day to constitute a family among scientists, travelers, geologists, researchers.
Couples created this lunar day are usually provident, discipline and well planned.
During this day you can discuss sensitive issues and start a new way of living.

Stones and minerals:

Noble opal.

Meditation on 13 lunar day:

Wheel, swastika (clockwise).

The 13th lunar day is the day of energy renewal and cleansing of old mental blockages. You may notice, that some situations are repeated in your life. To change these patterns and renew your life, you may run the "Renewal Wheel" today.
During the 13th lunar day the Hara chakra (two fingers below omphalos) and pancreas are active.

The dreams on 13 lunar day:

The energy of this lunar day shows, if you are spinning in a circle, shooting yourself in the foot, or if something is changing and you are moving up the spiral staircase. Dreams hold the key to the door, which hides things we don't want to change or are difficult to overcome. In today's dreams Life itself is knocking at your door, trying to lead you in the direction of change. It is very important not to ignore these hints but to follow them, in order to save some energy for future efforts. To properly analyze your dreams do not forget to record them immediately upon waking. Dreams today might be warnings; they could come true fairly soon, some say in eight days.

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