6 lunar day

Symbol: Crane

Breathing and sound could heal any illness.

This is a day of solitude and humbleness. Intuition is heightened. Any breathing exercises including aroma therapy are useful.

Influence on health:

Cosmic energy (prana) would be well digested. Perform anti-aging treatment, clean your upper airways, bronchi.

Nutrition tips on 6 lunar day:

This day water elements are active, mostly take care of your kidneys. Beer, a lot of water, milk or dairy produce can be harmful. Avoid any cleaning procedures.

Business on 6 lunar day:

This is a favorable day for any type of endeavour. You can be successful in many different aspects.

It is recommended to:
- solve any material or financial matters
- use this day to display your skills and talents at work
- allow yourself to be somewhat passive
- concentrate on the current situation and only dip into the future.

It is not recommended to:
- accommodate anyone with a money loan (it is considered that within this money you'll give away your own luck and calmness)
- overstress or work overtime (it could be harmful to your health and business)
- force financial situations better to be moderate
- sell or trade
- repay debts or return deposits.

Housework on 6 lunar day:

The energy of this day is calm and soothing, it activates prana, vitally important energy. On this day it is suggested to air out your living space by opening the windows wide and letting in as much air as possible; it is also good to open the curtains and allow sunlight to fill the house and to clean the dark corners in order to let the sunlight reach them too. It is a good day to wipe surfaces with a damp rag. On this day it is a bad idea to give your personal items away even if it seems that you are done with them. Do your everyday chores in a normal rhythm, not letting yourself become distracted if a hectic atmosphere ensues. Think of your labor as an inseparable part of your being.

Relationships on 6 lunar day:

This day can bring peace and regularity for a new family.
A couple, created this day, is able to achieve wisdom and to keep love for a long term.
A wedding celebration should better perform in a calm place with relatives, without having alcohol and much food.
This is a favorable day to constitute a family for aged couples who appreciate inner world and depth in interpersonal relations.
Families created during the 6th lunar day are peaceful and long-term.
During this day intuition intensifies and you can realize the real sense of your relations. You can understand and appreciate your feelings.
The influence of Venus is high this day so it is a good day for having dates.
A favorable day for starting relations “Tabula Rasa”

Stones and minerals:

Hyacinth, citrine.

Meditation on 6 lunar day:

Breathing exercises, mental body purification, sound therapy.

Today you can easily tune into the signs which life shares with you. Enjoy the harmony of Nature. Pay more attention to the sound of the wind, the rustling of the leaves and birds singing; smell the scent of summer flowers or the freshness of a winter morning. If it's raining, breath the ozone. Use this day to find your best source of natural energy, that will be your meditation. Let inside of your room as much fresh air as possible and breathe this prana, filled with purity.
During the 6th lunar day, the emotional center is active (spot between the throat and chest).

The dreams on 6 lunar day:

Dreams this lunar day may come true, but only if you keep them secret. All you have dreamt can be considered a revelation of the Higher Powers. These dreams often show what needs to be completed, preferably quickly. You may see people to whom you owe a debt. Remember, dreams should be correctly interpreted and your feelings are a very important part of properly understanding any dream, especially today. Try to ask a question to the Higher Powers, be sure to write down your dream right after waking up. Carefully analyze it using intuition, because the answer can be covered in symbols. Try not to give into aggression or irritation, keep a calm mind and you'll succeed in realizing your dreams.

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