14 lunar day

Symbol: Two pipes

Trumpet calls to start matters of great importance.

This day brings fortune for new beginnings. Projects started on this day will succeed on their own. Today has a strong connection to the usage of informational sources.

Influence on health:

Intestines are active. It is better not to drink a lot of fluids; dry fasting is also favorable. Stomach and intestinal cleaning are useful. Physical exercises will be helpful. Take care of your vision.

Nutrition tips on 14 lunar day:

Freshly prepared food plays an important role today. burnt-almond is the favorite p. Salt products are allowable. Do not take sweet and bittersweet food. Drink less water.

Business on 14 lunar day:

This is one of the luckiest and most powerful days of the lunar month. There is a high possibility for advancing office, a raise in salary or receiving a deserved honor.

It is recommended to:
- get active and take decisive action
- start any important or serious affairs
- have no doubts about forthcoming successes
- go slow, elaborate each step
- communicate with all your various contacts: friends, relatives, colleagues, partners, bosses, etc; you may possibly meet new profitable acquaintances
- publicly announce your ideas during the first half of day; share your plans
- consolidate family relations, straighten out relations with elders
- carry on career and business
- solve financial matters.

It is not recommended to:
- be idle
- waste energy for insignificant events
- interfere with someone else's problems or needless affairs during the second half of day.

Housework on 14 lunar day:

Try to cleanse your living space today and do any type of magic purification for your home: try and free it from negative energy which can be attributed to the activity of evil spirits. This is especially important on the eve of the full moon. Magic cleansing of the house should be done with the help of the four elements - Earth is symbolized by salt, Air by incense, Water by a bowl of holy water and Fire by a burning candle. Salt should be thrown into corners and incense should be carried throughout the entire house; sprinkle water everywhere as well and with the candle one must also go clockwise around all living areas while praying aloud. If you want to make things more simple just mop the floor with slightly sea-salted water and burn candles and incense.

Relationships on 14 lunar day:

This is favorable day to constitute a family for those partners who has long premarital relations.
Also it's a good time to create a family for divorced persons. There is a chance to change your life to better and try to start a new family relationship having the benefits of previous experience.
During the date people are usually shy and speak in equivoques. So listen carefully and don't miss the details.

Stones and minerals:


Meditation on 14 lunar day:

Chanting mantras and sacred sounds.

Meditate on "OM" and "AUM" sounds. Try to sing it by yourself, or you may use a recording. This day is favorable for starting any cycle of mantras or 40-days practices. On the 14th lunar day the Moon gets to its maximum power, so women have the best chance to perform rejuvenation procedures.
During the 14th lunar day the Manipura chakra is active.

The dreams on 14 lunar day:

Dreams this lunar day are not significant, but they may show hidden abilities which should be developed and this is the only reason why they deserve your consideration. Typically, these dreams don't come true; so, if you woke up with any sad or unpleasant memories, don't fret.

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